Xiaomi Samsung A32 Ripped Everyone

Xiaomi Samsung A32 Ripped Everyone
Xiaomi Samsung A32 Ripped Everyone

Introduction of Xiaomi Samsung A32 Ripped Everyone

Xiaomi Samsung A32 Ripped Everyone. Hello everyone let’s start, since this is a cheap smartphone, then, in fact, its equipment is not rich in addition to the device itself, the Koreans put in the box only a pack of waste paper, a type-si cable for charging, a power supply unit for only 15th, in fact, the Samsung equipment alone hints to you and me that all the same we should lower expectations from the a32 well, not that I was expecting some cool design from the budget nickname but I still think that they could have put in fact galaxy a 32 not much at all differs from a bunch of other cheap smartphones and in front.

The materials of the body well

It is completely impossible to distinguish it from the previous galaxy model deny here the same flat screen with rounded corners of a thick bottom frame and a cutout in the form drops for the front, but on the back panel, the picture is spoiled only by the bezels of the camera modules that slightly protrude above the body, in general, the smartphone looks decent, but somehow boring and also the materials of the body well, just the world, and all because of the glass of the smartphone only the front panel a the back is the most natural plastic, although Samsung proudly calls it the authorities, as it were, hinting at such a hybrid of plastic and glass, but in fact.

It feels like the most natural glossy plastic, in short, not all the glass that shines is just the difference from your older brothers in the galaxy a3 line again at all did not receive protection from dust and water, so in terms of practicality, not everything is good here, not only is the smartphone it is necessary to keep away their disconnection of coins, so also from tea, besides, the smartphone is buried very quickly and especially the owners of black ones will notice it.

longer have to compromise

Look and by the way the color options for this model 4 we have purple and also from blue white and black so I don’t understand why such a choice of color is the feeling that the general was chosen just at random as for the controls, here everything is usually the volume and power buttons are on the right, but the card tray has already been pushed onto the left, and by the way, it will certainly please you because it allows you to simultaneously put two SIM cards and a memory card so that for example, users no longer have to compromise and on the case of the smartphone there was also a place for a pair of microphones, connectors here and as well as 1 speaker and do not know for headphones.

So you can calmly use your favorite headphones and even more so in the kit, there is no headset with a smartphone, although on the other hand why do you need a headset and if you can perfectly put it on a smartphone, for example, to your ear and brag to everyone around that you still know the coolest show-off, these are your skills and knowledge that I think you even need to develop constantly, especially when we live in a world that is changing almost every day, therefore, it is important to get a profession that is not just good.

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Interesting practical tasks

So they will teach with the help of interesting practical tasks at the end of the training, the participants will receive a plan for the development of their already new ones, besides, run around the city and look for the right course, you no longer have to all the necessary courses on development in python java and squeal or even system administration already have neurology throughout the training you will be supported will not be allowed to leave the distance and will bring you to the result and after that.

They will help the string to collect a portfolio with a device, draw up a resume and pass an interview, graduates will receive an official document of the established form, this is a certificate of advanced training or a diploma of professional retraining, so do not miss your chance and for big faces, the motivation I give you the right year lock with which we will receive A 40 percent discount on all online courses is not that and you can become a real expert in the desired field, the link will be in the description of this article so we come back, of course, that the galaxy a3 with 23 does not sound quite quiet, but at the same time listen to.

It yourself so as you could hear watching YouTube through the built-in speaker it will be quite comfortable, but of course, the sound from the headset you know is not so good, but if you are not cute by the way, the bow will do for you and if the smartphone looks like you can say so-so then you know by the characteristics are surprising, though not always in a good way, now I’ll tell you everything, here we are as accustomed to that in all budget smartphones they put the most ordinary fingerprint scanner before Samsung placed such on the back and then began to transfer them to the button to turn on, nevertheless. read it Xiaomi Samsung A32 Ripped Everyone.

Fingerprint scanner under the display

The company decided to break with these state employees all the templates and put a fingerprint scanner under the display, though you know there are a couple of large ones, well, firstly, it is optical and does not recognize the user with wet hands, and secondly, it is very slow and often does not recognize the owner at all, in principle, I don’t know maybe this was done for that so that Samsung company reminds you of what you should have bought every time you unlock your smartphone a52 so I think for many a faster and more convenient way of unlocking the password will be, well, or there, for example, on the face, by the way, this function is there.

It works very well, but the truth is only in good lighting, and especially if you also enable accelerated recognition in the settings, you still know the smartphone and he himself warns that this is not a safe method and someone may well unlock your phone even with an ordinary photo, although you know in general face recognition only with the help of the front camera can hardly be called safe, so before the Samsung company you can say it was surprised with the presence of an under and multiple fingerprint scanner finger in this smartphone.

But still, the surprise turned out to be more unpleasant, but fortunately, with the display you know here the situation is radically opposite, which means Samsung installed a super AMOLED display in 3020 with a diagonal of 6 and 4 plus a resolution and an aspect ratio of 29 and all this is quite common as for state employees, but that’s what the smartphone really stands out for so this is a refresh rate of 90 hertz, of course, in itself, this is no longer a revolution, she still want to remind you how much this smartphone costs and it’s still Samsung, so as for the Koreans or that.

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Frequency to 60 hertz, nevertheless

It’s pretty generous, but if you want to save battery power then in the settings you can easily set the sweep frequency to 60 hertz, nevertheless, after such a quick update often, I do not want to switch back to 60 hertz at all. or the dark theme of the interface, the latter, by the way, is especially important for AMOLED screens as it saves battery power, but those we hear show that it would be useful here, otherwise, the display has no complaints there is no brightness enough viewing angles are maximum I’m color-saturated you are the last for some me.

I think there may be disadvantages, but this problem is easily solved by the elections of the natural regime the color rendition in the screen settings is shorter, the screen is straightforward given the cost of this smartphone, but to put a smartphone such a Samsung display would have to save money, and now you will understand where and if in terms of design and display Samsung we can say that it has changed quite a lot, then here is the performance compared to Galaxy a 31 did not grow the words quite formally, a newer g8 branch processor was installed in the smartphone, which is positioned as a solution for inexpensive gaming smartphones, nevertheless, in essence.

Android 11 with a white water shell 3 .1, of course

It is practically the same branch that was put into the galaxy 31 in the same geek bench, the smartphone gives out rather modest ones the results, let’s say, if he was a schoolboy, then I’m sure that I would have left after grade 9, although the application interface mostly works smoothly and stably sometimes, of course, lags slip, but most likely this is a problem of early firmware and by the way, the smartphone works on android 11 with a white water shell 3 .1, of course, it differs little from previous versions.

But it looks pleasantly convenient to use and is not overloaded with unnecessary applications in terms of memory, everything is the same as last year, the RAM puts 4 gigabytes, but the drive comes in two versions, it is either 64 or 128 GB + there is a micro-sd slot that supports cards up to 1 terabyte with galaxy a3 cheeses, too, but you will have to reduce your wishes in terms of graphics in the same call of duty, you can get these coveted 50 frames per second but only at low settings graphics but for women at low graphics settings gives almost stable 40 fps, but asphalt 9 already shows only a soapy picture and solid brakes, by the way, if you and your whole house today cannot sleep at night because the alarm is screaming on the street and, as it were everyone has already gone cyber. comment it Xiaomi Samsung A32 Ripped Everyone. comment it Xiaomi Samsung A32 Ripped Everyone.