Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A52

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A52
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A52

Introduction of Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A52

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A52. you will find out which smartphone has the best screen, which of them is more powerful and the main thing is why Samsung is more expensive and is it even worth it? our Chinese Korean fight with a comparison of the configuration and you know here we have something like that without surprises, both are sold together with a power supply cable for charging different waste paper, but everyone who knows how to put a simple case in the kit so that the Chinese will get purely from me + for generosity.

Samsung is not so slippery and more confident

But the example of Samsung I will give a point for the design of a new smartphone and I will do it for two reasons so firstly, galaxy office 1 will get silt matte case, which is much more convenient than glossy clan here is 10 well, at least because Samsung is not so slippery and more confident in the hand, and you don’t need to wipe it every five minutes, and secondly, I just trite how it looks like a 50 because Samsung decided not to single out the main camera and made it like a part of the body, as a result, even a large module for four lenses looks neat, yes, of course, you can say that the readme is cooler because.

It has glass in front and behind, and in the galaxy, two are described at the back but listen to me about at the dacha, the sideboard is also there in front and behind the glass and that this makes it cool, the more I want to tell you that there is one more thing for redmi, but 10 is protected from moisture and dust according to the standard and 53a galaxy a 52 got ip67 right away, that is the readme is protected only from dust and splashes of water, but the brand new Samsung will already survive the fall.

It is true only up to 1 meter, but as for stability, both received gorilla glass glasses s 5 only here is the level of about ten minutes about it protects the front and back and the galaxy a 52 only has a display, nevertheless, I want to tell you that because of the plastic frames, both are unlikely to survive a normal fall from here it turns out and the conclusion is that walking with such smartphones down the street without cover it’s like he doesn’t know what to go to the arrow with a water gun, let’s be dangerous by the way.

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which is not so convenient

It looks like smartphones in terms of controls you know Samsung j7 like Alice and in both smartphones, the power key and volume rocker are on the right only in the galaxy a 52 after all the key protrudes a little both to the touch and somehow easier to find, while in the deco of any town there are no performances, everything is flush with the body, which is not so convenient, but on the other hand, I think I made the right decision and built a fingerprint scanner into the power button it works very quickly already is not compared with the frame of the galaxy a 52, then in general.

We can say that the superman of the Luhansk region you run and who else can be called you are the only one wearing red panties over pants, the only thing here is that Samsung has put a fingerprint scanner under the display, it works slowly, but compared to normal frames, but by the way, it doesn’t blunt and they immediately recognize to use this, by the way, strange AdSense solution because if you go to the directory and you will see that the smartphone from under the screen with a fingerprint scanner is generally in the minority and sinning and not mainly Koreans, moreover, in the reviews the user regularly complains about the speed.

I will work through Ayumi for a long time I realized that this is not the best option for budget smartphones and steel scanners for screens only for flagships like me 11 children work quite quickly and in order not to accidentally buy a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, choose gadgets, in turn, the catalog, since here you can immediately sort only the suitable model, while the filter is very detailed and allows you to choose a smartphone even by body materials and the volume of the battery but t e who often doubts.

Everything is not unambiguous, in fact

When choosing a gadget can compare several devices at once link to I catalogs in the description of the article also both smartphones received a jack, Lewis, bc connector as well as a slot for sim cards and memory cards, and here you know the galaxy is described all the same to play because the glacier allows you to put both SIM cards and a memory card right away, so on with the Samsung, you have to choose what is more important for you more numbers or more memory with speakers, by the way, too, everything is not unambiguous, in fact, both smartphones received stereo sound.

But the truth is that Samsung, if I may say so, is defective since the role the second speaker here performs a conversational one, and he is quite good through him, you can hear the interlocutor well, but still, he plays much quieter, mostly on the other hand, if, for example, it is important, and at night he constantly kicks with his elbow so that you play more quietly, so maybe this option will even be useful, but for legs 10 on here there are already two speakers and the stereo turns out as if It is worthwhile and even well felt, nevertheless.

There is still to talk about the sound quality of smartphones, in principle, I cannot single out someone special, well, in short, listen to yourself with spoken speakers for both smartphones, everything is also in order, it all depends on the quality of the connection, that is, if your interlocutor removes the apartment, then it will be heard perfectly, and if he removes the corner in the basement, then still find that many users will calmly live without a series without an additional slot under a sim card, well, when there is a bad screen in a smartphone. read it Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A52.

Will recognize a familiar smartphone

Then I consider this a verdict for a smartphone, and now you will recognize a familiar smartphone, the best screen, and here is a man, a tough guy, but you’re afraid to treat your teeth, so you don’t even have one anesthesia. I’m a little nervous at all, I won’t even treat your teeth for and you are a dentist, don’t thank you, subscribe and so on the display y smartphones, if you look at the dry characteristics of these both smartphones, you can immediately determine which smartphones have the best display, but you do not know everything is so unambiguous, for example.

With the same resolution, the pixel density of the galaxy a 52 turns out to be more since the smartphone received a display of 6 5 inches, and redmi to this is 6 and sixty-seven inches about that by eye in general with lows, even with 2 lows in both smartphones, the picture is clear and pixel enemy, but where you could notice the difference is in the smoothness of the display.

Because in redmi note 10 pro there is a 120-hertz display and an obese 1 can boast only 90 hertz, although in 2021 it is no longer to boast, too, to complain, well, seriously, the difference is not so big and so that it can be directly noticed by eye the picture in both cases smoothly and the absence of 120 hertz the owner of pizza 2 will only notice if the owner of the readme does not stand and laugh, but 10 so we will help to determine the winner. or at home for years and in viewing angles they are almost identical, the only truth is that the display of the Samsung is still a little more selenite. comment it Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A52.