Introduction of Xiaomi Mi 11X is a REAL FLAGMAN KILLER

Xiaomi Mi 11X is a REAL FLAGMAN KILLER. its first bend hey smartphone mi mix fold with a cool processor and liquid lenses yet you know that most are interested ailments with a photo or a smartphone is playing and how strong his ball is, the future is not brewing now, you know, and now, besides other characteristics, we also add such that I can say soon we will review the bearings in our phones and so that no one asks any unnecessary questions I can do everything decided to conduct an extreme test for this.

The company came up with a mechanism that would children close and open the front mix every one and a half seconds continuously for seven days and simple calculations say that during this time the smartphone should go through about three hundred and seventy-eight thousand opening and closing cycles, as well as any small business in the quarantine era, so according to Xiaomi this test simulates 10 years of service only within seven days, although you know even if you open and close the smartphone for 100 to entertain.

Then in 10 years, you will have fewer flexion-extension cycles and I know how much this smartphone costs so we will generally open it very carefully and only on holidays, I certainly doubt that a smartphone will withstand so much for 1-night salumi confidently does not even want to broadcast this action live, nevertheless, what kind of fault wasn’t you reliably, I’ll still leave it lying on aliexpress shelves, especially when in this store you can find many other great smartphones and even take them without extra charge from dealers.

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Installing service for chrome or Yandex

But buying a high-quality device will help you ali radar simply by installing service for chrome or Yandex for you can easily evaluate the product and its seller before buying, just look for the desired product on the face, go to its page and Ali radar will immediately give you all the important information for you in their example, you can immediately see the seller’s reliability rating whether the price has changed recently and what real buyers say about the product, besides, the service can find a similar product for you only with a lower price.

But if you install the ollie radar application on your smartphone, you can add goods triggered and receive notifications of discounts you will find a link to the peaceful one in the description under the video, sony’s turn this week pleased with the announcement of already 3 versions of experiment 10, which turned out to be even better than the previous one, and by the way, I decided not to bother and just called the smartphone Xperia 10 mark3 put all the insides into the body of the previous Xperia 10 but why do new cases of scales from the previous model based on my mother with the same wording, my brother give me the same wording.

But I’m half of the Soviet Union, so the diode read out the smartphone received an OLED display for 6 and know with the same cinematic aspect ratio the truth is that the fast update frequency was not delivered to the smartphone, the only thing that the smartphone display can still boast of is the protection of the corning gorilla voice 6 besides the case is protected from moisture and dust according to the ip65 standard IP 68 yes friends this is exactly the wording that the Japanese manufacturer likes do not be surprised inside worth snapdragon 690 which of course will not please with great performance music there are pidzhi to everything in a new tantrum they put 6 gigabytes of RAM and a 128-gigabyte drive.

12 megapixels Sherrick for 8 megapixels

And even have support for memory cards, so now if your girlfriend asks her to take a picture of everything, you will not have enough memory so for the photo opportunities in this see the artphone will be answered by the main module for 12 megapixels Sherrick for 8 megapixels, as well as the telephoto lens for 8 megapixels, the front camera also decided not to change and also set to 8 megapixels, so the date of the start of sales and the cost of sony decided not to disclose so far, but apparently, the price tag has already been broken so much that even and.

It’s a shame to call it all the same, given that this is a mid-budget smartphone, I think that I will not ask much, but you will find out the iphone 14 will most likely surprise even its ardent fans because what Tim Cook and his team are going to do, yes, I understand that even iphone 13 did not come out just now and who are known for their accurate predictions about Apple products intrigued the whole community with their new insight, in general, according to the smaller iphone 14 will be released in the next 2022, then no.

But the fact that he is not a camera to surprise the camera will not be at 40 8- megapixel while the smartphone will support the technology of combining pixels, which is already Avno exists in android smartphones, so this is how it writes to but this 48-megapixel camera iphone 14 can shoot in a 12-megapixel mode in which the pixel size increases to about 2 and a half micrometer, so for comparison iphone 12 pixels have a size of 17 micrometers and pixel size in The sensor of the iphone 13, according to rumors, is still rumored to be about 2 micrometers so that the iphone 14 can become truly invincible to camera phones. like it Xiaomi Mi 11X is a REAL FLAGMAN KILLER.

Already combines 16 megapixels

But this will only be if Xiaomi does not release a 200-megapixel camera that already combines 16 megapixels in water or some kind of TV that can take macro photographs of the surface of the moon, they’re there, they got into a taxi and you’ll do nothing there, so you’re funny. some smartphone makers like to conquer the bay of the account the blackberry company is trying to conquer the past and is preparing a very unusual smartphone, and especially for 2021 it is worth seeing in general, then in the summer of last year, he ward mobile phones announced that.

It plans to release a new smartphone under the black brand, it was not officially shown, but the life 2 digital edition collected all the leaks and based on them made a high-quality render upcoming novelty here positively the smartphone is called black mary kay 3g and follows the traditions of the company the device will receive a physical full-size keyboard, I don’t know, maybe this is a smartphone for those who miss a push-button phone maybe a dollar for 5 first composition I was the time it works okay and by the way, as you can see, judging by the vendor.

This is the keyboard, it is motionless and will always loom on the front panel like an unsuccessful tattoo done at 5 to Russia, nevertheless, most of the smartphones will still be occupied by the display, although it is not yet clear with which matrix and but on the other hand, you can already see what he cut out That is, it will put the front camera in a frame on top, but the main cameras will be h3, although the resolution of the lens type is unknown, the other characteristics are also not disclosed yet, but from the name it can be understood that the smartphone will still support all these 5 generations, well, at least so, and considering that there are even budget processors with 5g support.

The stupidity of the finiteness

This is the price of a blackberry smartphone will vary somewhere from $ 200 and the stupidity of the finiteness, but the new Xiaomi mi one of the units will be inexpensive, but about it a little later, and now I’ll tell you what everyone can think about android or to be more precise, it will be about android 11, which has become the most hated operating system and Xiaomi, as a company representative told in recent years, and received a lot of changes, well, the transition to arrange companies on android 11 has been delayed and.

According to Xiaomi, it’s not about laziness and developers and in android 11 itself, since it is this version of the operating system that has the most problems with adaptation In particular, Sami employees faced a drop in performance, low on the stability of the system itself, as well as poor support for third-party principals, as a result, when transferring new to a new version of android, the team had to spend more time optimizing their shell and that you understood the scale of the problem for the sake of this effort I was not used to not only additional divisions but also companies so that android 11 can be said to have become a real pain in the fifth point of the sat down. comment it Xiaomi Mi 11X is a REAL FLAGMAN KILLER.