Introduction of Xiaomi Black Shark 4 GAMING XIAOMI FOR FREE

Xiaomi Black Shark 4 GAMING XIAOMI FOR FREE.t the main features of Black Shark 4, as well as a couple of not very pleasant surprises. Completion And you know, usually I don’t stop at the bundle, because all smartphones have the same plus or minus. But with the Black Shark 4, the situation is a little different, and there is something to talk about. At the very least, I was glad that Xiaomi included a huge 120W power supply in the kit. I would even say that it is closer in size to laptop chargers than smartphones. Secondly.

With the smartphone comes not a standard silicone case, but a thin plastic bumper. And I can say with confidence that it looks much better than anything that Xiaomi puts together with “redmi” and “peace”. Therefore, most likely, you will use this bumper, and will not leave it yellow in the box. Otherwise, everything is standard, and apart from a paper clip, waste paper, and a UBC-C cable, you will only be surprised by the included stickers. It is also worth noting that Xiaomi has released a line of accessories specifically for this smartphone. And in my case, along with the gadget.

I got cooler. We will talk about it later, and now we will finally look at the Black Shark 4. And I will say right away that this is the most gaming of all gaming smartphones that I have ever seen. A more playable phone can only be made by tying it with tape to the PlayStation. In terms of body materials, everything is standard here, and in fact, it is a sandwich of two glass panels and a metal frame. And even the iridescent lid with a pattern is no longer impressive because we have seen such a design with you many times.

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control swing, contrary to tradition

But what really sets the smartphone apart from all the others is the controls. For example, the power button, which was combined with the fingerprint scanner, is on the right. But the volume control swing, contrary to tradition, was placed on the left. And they did this not for the sake of the experiment, but to place two additional buttons, which distinguish the Black Shark 4 from all the others. By default, they are hidden in the case, but if you slide a couple of switches, they will immediately come out. We’ll also talk about these buttons a little later, but looking ahead I’ll say that they are really useful in games. Moreover, they are supported everywhere. Still.

The surprises do not end there, but not all of them are pleasant. For example, the advantages of Black Shark 4 can record full stereo sound, as well as a separate headphone output. So you can plug in a good headset without any problems and immerse yourself in the game as much as possible. Well, so that not everyone around you heard that you are a noob, a cheater and that someone was taking your mom to the cinema. Well, those who do not particularly like to play with headphones will have to listen to this. Well, the disadvantages of the smartphone are the lack of support for memory cards. For some reason, Xiaomi decided that it was more important for players to have two numbers with them at once.

And installed a slot for only two SIM cards. Well, probably so that your game could be interrupted by calls to two numbers at once. And this is a rather serious miscalculation since the memory of such a device is likely to be instantly crammed with various games and applications. And besides, the operating system with the proprietary Xiaomi program immediately takes about 15 gigabytes for itself. So the minimum version of 128 gigabytes may not be enough for many. Well, Xiaomi did not forget about cameras and decided to add as many as three modules. Although, to be honest. like it Xiaomi Black Shark 4 GAMING XIAOMI FOR FREE.

Terms of quality, it is close to the POCO X3 Pro

It would be better if I forgot. I’ll explain now. Camera This means that the main lens of the Black Shark 4 is 48 megapixels and in terms of quality, it is close to the POCO X3 Pro. The smartphone does not handle heavy, bright scenes very well, and the detail is also not particularly pleasing. But, by the way, he shoots well at night, and with straight arms, you can even get good shots. The wide-angle lens here is 8 megapixels, and it would be better not to put it. Because he takes photos quite dark, and besides, with very low details. Well, at night it is better not to use it at all. With a 5 megapixel macro camera, the situation is about the same.

It is difficult to catch focus with her, and besides, it will not work for her to photograph an object from a very close distance. Therefore, in most cases, it is better to just take a photo with the main camera with double magnification. In short, the cameras on this device are just to take a picture on the ava and never use them again. And in fact, a bad camera is the problem of all Black Sharks. For example, if you go to the e-catalog and look for the previous version of the smartphone there, we will see that in the reviews, users still complain about low-quality photos.

And on the one hand, this is a problem, but on the other hand, Xiaomi can be understood. Indeed, in this smartphone, the company has placed great emphasis on the screen and the processor. And if you look for a device within the same $ 400, then the maximum you can count on is AMOLED at 120 Hz and a weaker processor. In fact, Xiaomi just put accents and decided to save as much as possible on the camera to put a better display and processor. Well, if the camera is very important to you, then with the help of a convenient filter you can choose the device you need.

pick up all the necessary accessories

Just mark the desired number of megapixels and modules and press the selection. On the e-catalog, you can immediately find out all the characteristics of the device, read reviews about it, and even pick up all the necessary accessories. And with the “Find in one store” button, you can buy a smartphone and the same case in one place without much fuss. The link to the e-catalog is in the description under the video, and let’s get back to the review. The smartphone shoots video up to 4K and 60 FPS, but you will get stabilization only at 1080p and 30 frames per second.

The quality is not bad, but the smartphone shoots more like a state employee, and not a middle peasant or a flagship. And against the background of all these drawbacks, the 20 MP front camera is straightforward. In good lighting, shots are detailed, and even programmed background blur works well. At night, the quality drops noticeably, but not critical, and the only problem is the lack of a screen flash. Caption for video: Front camera: 20 MP \ f / 2.45 But the video records 1080p and there is not even a rolling shutter. read it Xiaomi Black Shark 4 GAMING XIAOMI FOR FREE.

Chinese did not waste time on trifles

Well, the quality of the microphone can only be called mediocre. Still, the disadvantage in the form of a camera can be forgiven, given what display and processor Xiaomi has put into this smartphone. And most of all I liked the screen, because the Chinese did not waste time on trifles, and put a bright and juicy AMOLED display in the Black Shark. Moreover, not ordinary, but with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a touch reading frequency of 720 Hz. It will be better only if the screen responds not to touch, but to what you wanted to touch.

But Elon Musk is already working on this. As for the quality of the matrix itself, there are no special complaints about it. I’m talking about the screen, not the one where Morpheus got fat. Everything is excellent in viewing angles, and as for the display, do not look at the inversion of colors. The maximum brightness margin is also excellent, but the minimum threshold could be lower. Well, as for the PWM, it is not worth worrying especially for the sensitive, since the value did not rise above about 35%. Although, if desired, you can turn on disidiming. Well, it’s clear that with such characteristics the screen is also very responsive. I will not say that this is straight heaven and earth compared to ordinary screens, but the difference is really felt. comment it Xiaomi Black Shark 4 GAMING XIAOMI FOR FREE.