When Jio Will Launch 5G SIM and How to buy it? Latest Update 2022

Jio5G Plans & Jio5G SIM Launch Date


When Jio Will Launch 5G SIM? | Jio5G Plans & Jio5G SIM Launch Date

Here is all you need to know everything about Reliance Jio5G plans & Jio5G SIM launch date as well as its 5g prices in India. Jio has already started testing its 5G network in Gurugram, Haryana. And as per the latest update released at the last India Mobile Congress, the full 5G network for the public is going to be launched by the end of the year. Earlier, the launch was planned for June 2022 but there have been many reasons for the delay. The pandemic and the delay in allocation of 5G spectrum by the govt. being the major reasons.


What is the cost of the Jio 5G sim?

Like the 4G sim card, 5G sim is expected to be absolutely free for the subscribers. But a recharge will be required to activate it. Customers can choose the recharge plan as per their requirements. 4G sim cards were launched with 1GB/day, 1.5GB/day & 2GB/day data plans at very affordable rates. But, since the 5G is expected to be very fast, the data consumption will be a lot more than 4G. The cost of 5G data plans is expected to be a little higher.



Types of Jio 5G sim cards?

5G sim Cards can be categorized into the below 3 forms i.e. usage, plans, and size. Let’s find out the details.

  1. Usage

  • Traditional 5G Sim Card

This type of sim card is the most common sim card that is used in our mobile devices. It has all the features like voice calls, mobile internet services, and sending/receiving SMS. It comes in different sizes which are explained below.

  • 5G Data Sim Card

5G Data sim card is used only to access the internet service of the network provider. It doesn’t have the feature to make phone calls and send/receive SMS using the sim phone number. The alternative of calling and messaging is provided by internet-based messaging apps like WhatsApp, skype, etc.  It can be recharged for data plans only. This type of SIM is often used in dongles for accessing the internet. The data plans for data sim card is different and cheaper than traditional sim card.

  1. Sizes

There are 5 sizes of sim card which you have to choose from, depending on the compatibility of the phone except for the embedded sim. An embedded sim also called e-sim is a small chip integrated inside the phone and you just have to register it with the mobile network provider using a mobile app. It cannot be removed or swapped with any other sim.

  • Standard SIM: 85 x 53 x 0,76 mm.
  • Mini SIM: 25 x 15 x 0,76 mm
  • Micro-sized SIM: 15 x 12 x 0,76 mm. 
  • Nano-sized SIM: 12,3 x 8,8 x 0,67 mm
  • Embedded SIM: 6.0 x 5.0 x 0.55 mm

  1. Jio5G Plans & Jio5G SIM Launch Date

There are 2 types of 5G sim cards in terms of plans i.e. prepaid and postpaid. All the SIM cards mentioned above can be categorized into these 2 types. Prepaid sim cards have a credit balance with it. The balance gets exhausted as the service like phone calls, SMS, and the internet is used. The postpaid sim gives you the option to pay the bills monthly after the usage. Hence, the documentation in postpaid sim cards is a little extensive.


How to get Jio 5G sim? Or How to buy a 5G sim online?

You do not have to wait in queue for hours near any reliance Jio store. Jio sim cards are delivered at home now. You just have to follow few simple steps to register and apply online.

Step 1: If you already have MyJio App on your phone. Goto Step no. 3 otherwise call on 1800-200-200-2. You will recieve an SMS on your number with a link.

how to buy jio 5g sim myjio 2

Step 2: click on the link. It will open the MyJio app in Play Store on your phone. You can download it and install it.

Step 3: Open the MyJio app. You will see the below home screen. Scroll down & you will see the option of getting Sim Prepaid / Get Sim Postpaid/. Port to Jio. Choose any of them as per your requirement

Step 4: choose the plan to start with & then click get prepaid sim.

Step 5: Fill out the details and a representative will bring them to your home. The documents can be uploaded online or can be handed over to him.

Step 6: Enjoy the 5G ultrafast mobile internet.

How to get a postpaid Jio 5G sim?

When you apply for a 5G sim card using the MyJio app. You get an option to apply for a postpaid SIM card as seen in the attached screenshot. Follow the same steps as mentioned above to finish the registration.

Or click on this link https://www.jio.com/en-in/jio-postpaid-prepaid-home-delivery-book-appointment.html. You will see the below screen. Fill in your details like name and mobile number. You will receive an OTP.

Fill in the OTP

You will find the below option

What are the documents required for Jio5G postpaid SIM card?

For new subscribers, original documents can be shown as Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA): Aadhaar, Voter ID, Driving license & Passport. Along with these documents, you may need to provide the detail of the bank account for auto-debit of the monthly usage bills. You can provide the Current Passbook of any Bank or Credit Card Statement.