What to take instead of Redmi Note 10 Pro

What to take instead of Redmi Note 10 Pro
What to take instead of Redmi Note 10 Pro


Introduction of What to take instead of Redmi Note 10 Pro

What to take instead of Redmi Note 10 Pro. we will start, as they say, with a fresh one, namely viva volt 31, which came out quite recently and can calmly be called a budget replacement for readme with 10 pros well, at least because the budget smartphone is completely made of plastic the first appearance in 31 from I like even more because in the first block of the world in It is made somehow more neatly, and secondly, the back cover looks stylish to everything, the smartphone looks much more expensive than.

It actually is, because by design it is nevertheless closer to the flagship models, by the way, the camera leaves pleasant impressions and even if the main module is only here 40 8 megapixels but the smartphone shoots, I personally think, especially for such a price, the photos turn out to be clear with a good dynamic range and correct color reproduction and in fact confuse here only the absence of an ultra-wide mod, although given that in this price segment, ultra-wide lenses are such a small loss to that.

The same white 31 is an excellent front camera with it, without which I think that it’s not even a shame and in Instagram saki plant there are a couple of moments because of which this smartphone received the title of a budget replacement for readme 010 now I will tell you about them firstly here is the usual ps Disney without a high frequency on but with excellent viewing angles, high brightness, and full hd + pa resolution so that an excellent student’s smartphone is suitable for those who love natural color rendering.

Gaming snapdragon 662 yet you know

Where to sleep in the second white rice 1 received a far from gaming snapdragon 662 yet you know I advise you not to judge strictly because the optimization, as they say, solves everything and the smartphone works perfectly, but it is clear that at maximum speed, Of course, you don’t drive it to the park, but for gamers, we have other smartphones that we will talk about before, but for example, the white 31 got a 5000 milliampere-hour battery from which you can stretch for 2 days with moderate use two days without searching in intelligence, you imagine well and if you directly load.

It strongly, then about nine hours of the screen you will be guaranteed, and if the example for you is not important for autonomy, you want the most powerful device and that it was a budget at all, then look further, because now I will tell you about this and if you are an example of religion does not prohibit the use of hp with matrices and MediaTek processors, then I advise you to take a closer look ll mi-6 s well, at least because in this smartphone the refresh rate is 90 hertz is not a simple 60 and as for me you know this is still the golden mean.

Because the difference in smoothness between 120 hertz itself is practically no 90, but at the same time you can do well save battery power, I agree with you that 90 hertz is not as cool as 120, well, here’s a tip for about ten minutes millet were able to, well, just surprised here’s an example for interest if you go to her catalog and look for models with about the same characteristics, then you will have to choose smartphones which cost 2 times more, there is, of course, a cheaper alternative from Samsung.

Good display or there is a camera

But it is also better to bypass this article and you yourself will understand why, so find a smartphone that will exactly repeat but 10 about I think it’s difficult if at all maybe, but if, for example, only one of the aspects of a smartphone is important for you, for example, a good display or there is a camera, then it is on its directory that you will quickly find the one you need option and all thanks to a convenient filter in which you can easily sort the device by the type of matrix, processor and, by the way, even weight, and thanks to the reviews and the function to compare devices.

You will not be mistaken when choosing a smartphone, the link to the catalog will be in the description of this video, I continue means the second moment which is worth paying attention to in real mi-6, this is a process and here the realm has put not the most unambiguous but quite good-quality helio g90 of course, many do not trust the company MediaTek, but it is this chip that is not inferior in speed to the dragon 720, besides, the realme puts in this smartphone up to 6 gigabytes of operational, well, as they say, do not be born beautiful.

But be born correctly with six games of RAM, so you know, by and large, mature, mixing with it costs less than the same, maybe ten hurray, but not much inferior to him in producing everything you get this the same smooth operation of the interface and applications thanks to the fast, but as for the photo capabilities, then here the reality is smaller with forty 8 megapixels from its camera is clearly inferior to redmi notes 10, yet you know a photo or a smartphone, I really think it’s good, even though both day and night.

Fast charging 30 watts is supported

We also do a good job with video shooting in 4k and 30k, though that’s stabilization already, according to the classics, it turns on only at full hd and 30 frames per second, but where the difference between smartphones tends to zero is in terms of autonomy and let the v6 battery with only 4300 milliampere hours, but the smartphone draws out almost seven hours of the active screen under heavy load, therefore even active users and this smartphone will have enough to wear fast charging 30 watts is supported, and it will be possible to fully charge the smartphone in an hour, and since we remembered the area of it, I would like to recall another model that, in some respects, even surpasses redmi by 10.

Which hinders your neighbors to sleep but that’s the problem, turn on the phone, start my videos, more videos I have fresh maybe all the more you don’t need me to, you have a neighbor hero love and the first aspect where real missions about bypasses a competitor Xiaomi is in terms of performance up to, at first glance, of course not 10 about more powerful because it has a snapdragon 732 still 7 pro better shows itself at a long distance and for less than three years whether he has obviously tried to improve the cooling system and as a result, 7 millet with you dragon 720 shows itself a little better in games, of course, the smartphone will not be as cold as the heart of the former.

But it will work at the same level the main camera at first glance is inferior to dry, but you know from 64 megapixels is enough to take really good photos, moreover, in poor or low light conditions, the real mission pro gives even better quality, but the front cameras are almost the same in both smartphones, but where the real missions are right in general the champion is in terms of charging and all because the smartphone supports blocks up to 65 watts and with a battery cooler for 4 thousand 500 milliampere-hours can be charged one hundred percent in just 40 minutes, while the smartphone itself works for quite a long time.

Quality super AMOLED matrix

So they say you don’t have to live at the outlet unless it will be your personal vein and, in fact, the only place where the real me 7 pro is inferior to its competitor from 7th so it is in terms of the display and even if the seven received a high-quality super AMOLED matrix, but the refresh rates were not delivered quickly, so the picture will not be so smooth, even if the final smartphone works pretty quickly, you still know not realme as they say, a single and excellent alternative to the readme on 10 pros and released the company Avant laz until basically, they used to make only flagships, but recently they took up because of the state employees and I’ll tell you what turned out pretty cool, besides.

Here van plast approached the case somehow so thoroughly, let’s create we can say that smartphone of the future it is frequent you sit 4g and do not know grief for a year or two after two or three the towers will stop burning and all these 5 generations will bring your country and your multi does not work then it will be two days later, but if you take a Norton 10 for yourself, then you will have not only a cool smartphone but also the fastest Internet among all the guys in the yard, well, to put likes on videos in which you will see this face, by the way, do not forget.

While you do not have to spend some huge colossal money on smartphones 5g, because all these 5 generations can already be provided and even the budget snapdragon 690 is of course still rare in smartphones, but it can do a lot at least its power will be enough for the user to experience all the delights of a 90 cheap north India display and all applications in it worked quickly and smoothly to everything Norton 10 works on origin with which is closest to pure android in terms of speed, the same design.

30 fps with quality military graphics

But as for games, then the smartphone will generally allow you to run everything, for example, in the same asphalt 9, you can count on 30 fps with quality military graphics a call of duty mobile gives out at high and all 60, so the performance of the north n10 is not worse than that of the redmi note 10 pro, and by the way, I can say I have a photo opportunity yes there is a 64-megapixel camera, but what I would even say that in good lighting, the quality of a smartphone is nevertheless closer to a smartphone, nevertheless, Kuan class 8 t, to everything.

It also records excellent videos in 4k and 30 fps, but at night the Nord n10 camera shows itself the consequences since I start the mode practically does not change the picture from the other side if suddenly you want to take a photo a person leaves at night, then you already know which smartphone to take, but the next smartphone is generally considered a must-have for those who want not only a productive smartphone but also have a good battery and that you understand how much the galaxy m 51 has everything is cool with autonomy.

I will say right away that the smartphone received a battery for 7000 milliampere hours and, paired with a good optimization of the firmware, it can withstand more than 11 hours of continuous operation of the display, while with video games on youtube, and we are shorter and so on, so now he can watch his serials for a whole day, he will not sit in the smartphone; a display with a high-quality matrix, nevertheless, a fast refresh rate of the screen was not brought into it, but you know it has a couple of cool advantages for which.

pretty good snapdragon

I think that you can even close your eyes to it, for example, in galaxy 751 they put a pretty good snapdragon 730, which is more than enough for modern and in the same folder, for example, you will get 60 frames Afghans antibug can squeeze out all 40 and thanks to the huge battery you can calmly play on this smartphone and not bathe at all that the smartphone is discharged some inappropriate moment pleasantly by the way surprises and the 64-megapixel camera which in m51 in quality.

It can even compete with some of last year’s flagships Moreover, even an ultra-wide lens gives out high-quality and detailed images, which is also not often found even inexpensive smartphones, and, of course, I would also like to praise the front-facing camera with thirty-two megapixels, which has excellent detailing and color reproduction, but to use all these android smartphones on half, as they say, I advise you to watch this video in which I talk about the hidden chips of the google operating system, which not only has a better smartphone itself but also makes your life easier and remembers all the most interesting.