Introduction of WHAT SAMSUNG TO BUY IN 2021

WHAT SAMSUNG TO BUY IN 2021. but if you need a phone for calls and social networks, then there will be plenty of scraps, for example, a smartphone has a good pls TFT screen with hd + resolution 8-core processor synerdocs 450, thanks to which the system based on android 10 works quite fast and by the way, with games, the chip copes well, of course, only if you put the minimum crust swarms of graphics, but there is not a lot of memory because it comes with 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of permanent storage.

But there is, for example, a separate slot for memory cards, so there will be enough space for music and TV series lovers, despite all morning Tula budget has galaxy 11 is a pretty good set of cameras, for example, triple modules with a 13-megapixel main camera are installed on the back, which is quite soundly filming during the day, but at night, of course, it already gives out its budget and complements the ultra shrink by 5 megapixels and a 2- megapixel depth sensor to blur the background, but the front-facing camera here is only 8 megapixels.

But for example, the battery here is 4000 milliampere-hours, and with a not very strong load, the smartphone can even last a couple of days, everything is still supported by fast charging of 15 watts, but the corresponding power supply is even included in a set of useful chips I I also want to note the presence of the recognition function faces and a fingerprint scanner without which it would now be well, in general, a load and it is also very convenient when there is a face recognition sensor and from the fingerprint sensor.

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but if your budget is not limited

It will already be like my operator of Russia, as she was bitten by the bees by the face, not a single share amongst did not recognize to Russia and ask for this, that’s all good, about 110 bucks, which I thought very much, but if your budget is not limited, then be sure to look further, because then we have many more interesting smartphones and by the way friends I will have you 1 pood if suddenly youtube asks you to go poll and rate our videos, please take these miserable few seconds at a rate of 5 stars and answer a couple of questions.

It will not take you much time, but at the same time it will help the lock channel in development and will allow us to release as many new interesting videos as possible, and for example, among a little more expensive and more interesting is the Samsung galaxy m12 with the main feature in the form of a screen with a refresh rate of 90 hertz, so even though this is a state employee, you will get a smooth and responsive work; otherwise, this screen is not far from the previous model and you will be greeted by everything, too, with a white panel with hd + resolution.

But only inside there is already a proprietary eight-core Exynos 850 processor, the amount of RAM is already 4 gigabytes of internal memory there will be 64 gigs, moreover, there is even a separate slot for micro sd that will allow you to install two SIM cards at once, yet I want to say right away that this smartphone is not some kind of animal, well, its power is quite enough for comfortable work and by the way, in terms of photo capabilities in this smartphone, there is also small progress in the galaxy m12.

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inexpensive smartphones are not yet able to make beauty

Because the h4 has already been installed in the main module and the resolution of the main sensor is 48 megapixels and the smartphone takes off quite well, well, at night, of course, you should not wait for some miracles, nevertheless, inexpensive smartphones are not yet able to make beauty with weak lighting, although you know a lot still depends on the person, for example, p on with a mustache what you don’t do, even with good lighting, we won’t be able to make beauty, but when the light is bad, Russia fell, you know panties.

But in poor lighting, you can’t smile here, these two front golden teeth, I went in a little speechless really like a vampire, the rest of the cameras are ultra-wide by 5 megapixels as well as macro and 2-megapixel depths and an 8-megapixel camera, by the way, it is also useful for face recognition inside, but a 5000 milliampere-hour battery is installed and you have this smartphone for two days Enough without problems, by the way, the kit still comes with 15 watt and fast charging you can buy this smartphone for $ 165, which of course is more expensive than the previous version.

Well, half shoes, moreover, for $ 165, now I’ll try to find a better phone, because basically in this price category there are the most budgetary devices in which manufacturers save on literally everything, so against the background of a competitor or by class, this galaxy m12 still looks very attractive and can even seriously compete with state employees; nevertheless, if you are going to buy any budget, you must go to the catalog.

convenient filter by characteristics and price

Because this is where you can ask your question to the real owner of the device and find out about all the pitfalls, well, or in extreme cases, even choose something more interesting with the help of a convenient filter by characteristics and price, the link to the catalog will be in the description under the video, but if you need a cooler screen and even more powerful processor, then be sure to take a closer look at our next option because that we have a galaxy to deny an agent that is already installed with a super AMOLED display.

They pls and the permissions here are full hd in addition to everything else there is a fingerprint scanner hidden under the screen and even if it is not the fastest, but we also have a smartphone that is not the flagship, especially since in the galaxy a 31 there is still unlocking in the face, so we always have There is an alternative way of unlocking in stock, and this time helio is responsible for the performance of 65, which is paired with a four-byte RAM in the minimum configuration, and of course not the most productive set.

But everything except some productive games, including the interface, works quite fast by the way a31 works already on android 11 from the latest version of the one white 3.1 shells, even though it can even offer users such a useful thing as always-on display a useful risk if you had it on your phone you had a calendar in front of your eyes you would not miss the payment for apartments to leave fire on the fly and you did not live here office sushi please stop eating fish office here it is generally impossible to be here, but for photos and videos in this smartphone.

expected to be obtained quite noisy

The main camera is responsible for forty 8 megapixels, which makes very soundly and pictures during the day, while with good detail and natural colors, but night shots are expected to be obtained quite noisy by the way, in addition to the main lens, they also put ultra shorts a macro camera, which is also better to use when the sufficiency of the front camera in this smartphone has already received a resolution of 20 megapixels, it can still take self-portraits with background blur and by the way.

The galaxy a 31 battery is also not inferior to the previous smartphone from batteries for 5000 milliampere-hours can even live for a couple of days and ask for the name of this all Koreans about 200 15 bucks, and then we’ll talk about the nearest brothers galaxy a31, it costs a little more, of course, but at the same time you have several and what are the most useful chips with your wife stay at home watching some kind of romantic movies you romantic atmosphere healthy bald neighbor this monster starts to drill with a puncher in his vest you too be a man slon quickly go to the entrance. comment it WHAT SAMSUNG TO BUY IN 2021.

Samsung galaxy a 32, which replaced

Just don’t forget the phone go down to the 1st floor go out into the street to find yourself some secluded place a shop turn on my reviewers see that reviewers in silence no buzz thanks signed but I’m talking about Samsung galaxy a 32, which replaced the a31 but still, Samsung has not yet removed the a31s production so now you can buy that new product that starring from nevertheless some users should pay attention to the new model a pair that the smartphone received a couple of important improvements which I will tell you about, and first of all.

The galaxy a3 of evil stands out with a display with a refresh rate of 90 hertz because the rest of the display is almost the same, the smartphone received the same super AMOLED at 6 and 4 inches with full hd + resolution and a fingerprint scanner finger under the display, by the way, and in terms of performance, the changes are minimal, as in the personal life of my operator Russia.like it WHAT SAMSUNG TO BUY IN 2021.