5G Sim Card : Everything you need to Know | Latest Update 2022

How to buy Airtel5G and Jio5g sim card or sim5g
2FF mini SIM card with precut micro and nano sizes and 5G letters on gray background.


What Is 5G Sim Card? | Jio5G Sim | Airtel 5G Sim

5G is a tiny, portable chip that can be used to access the more secure 5G network. It has the subscriber information which is identified by the mobile network. When it is inserted into a phone, it sends & receives many codes to register the mobile device MMSI number (identification number) to the network service provider’s database. It all happens in few seconds. Once the phone is registered in the service provider’s database and the mobile phone is 5G compatible. You can see the signal in your mobile phone to use the most secure and ultrafast speed of 5G Sim card. When Will be Launch Jio5G SIM and Airtel5G SIM? Is there difference between 4G and SIM5G India ?

Is there a difference between 4G and 5G SIM cards?

There is no difference between 4G and 5G sim cards in terms of its physical appearance and the way it works. Both of them come in the same sizes and do the same job. The difference is in its ability to handle encrypted radio waves. The 5G is configured for high-frequency radio waves and is considered very secure because of the encryption. 5G radio waves are also called mm-waves and work on sub gigahertz frequency. Hence, 5G sim cards are designed to read the 5G encryption which 4G sim cannot.

Why do you need a 5G sim card?

You need a 5G sim card to connect 5G compatible mobile devices to 5G mobile networks and enjoy the ultrafast internet speed up to 10 Gbps. Your new phone will still be able to use the 4G signal when 5G won’t be available in the area. So, it is absolutely safe to jump to 5G whenever you have the 5G compatible phone. If you want to stay on 4G mobile network, you do not need any 5G sim card or 5G phone. Your 4G phone will still work & will be connected to 4G signal.

What are the benefits of 5G sim?

5G sim allows the mobile operators to offer you, to connect to their ultrafast 5G networks with your 5G compatible phones. 5G has a great transmission speed. Simply put, you can download an HD movie in few seconds. It has very low latency, almost no lagging, and a greater number of connected devices. Concepts like the internet of things, autonomous cars, and smart cities in India will become easier to implement. https://5gplans.co.in/2022/05/27/5g-in-india-everything-we-know-about-it-yet-2/

How to update your Airtel or Jio 4G sim to Airtel5G Sim or Jio5G Sim?

Jio4G sim can be updated to Jio5G sim by simply visiting your nearest customer care unit. You do not need any further documentation. You can present your Aadhar card to verify your identity. 5G sim can also be applied online by using MyJio app and following the same steps as mentioned above of applying for a new 5G sim card. You will see an option to upgrade the Airtel or Jio 4G sim to Airtel5G Sim or Jio5G Sim card. 5G sim will be delivered to your home in few days.

Will a 4G sim work on a 5G device?

Absolutely yes. 5G mobile phones will stay compatible with the previous generation SIM cards and networks. 5G mobile phones will be able to connect to the mobile network via both SIM cards i.e. 4G & 5G SIM cards. But if you want to enjoy the greater speed & all the benefits of 5G network, you will need a 5G sim card. A 4G sim card in a 5G device will allow you to connect only to 4G and the previous generation’s network and not 5G. https://5gplans.co.in/2022/05/27/jio-5g-launch-date-plans-and-expected-internet-speed/

Will 5G sim work on a 4G device?

Absolutely yes. With the introduction of 5G networks, many users fear that the 4G mobile phones will get obsolete & are confused about the usage of 4G mobile phones they have. You need to understand that 5G SIM comes with compatibility with 5G networks and all previous generations’ networks. So, it will definitely work on 4G device. But, the user will not be able to use the benefits of the 5G network and stay connected to 4G networks. But, there is no point in getting a 5G SIM, if you do not have a 5G compatible mobile phone.

Can 4G & 5G work on the same device?

Yes. 4G & 5G can work on the same device but depends on the capacity of the processor. Most Processors provide one slot for 5g and the other slot for 5G. High-end mobile provides both sim slots to be 5G. A higher generation of sim slots supports the lower generation.