TOP 5 CHEAPED FLAGMONS SMARTPHONES IN 2021. Let’s go! Xiaomi Mi 10T Balodya: You know Ruslan. Well, e-mine, I left it for the new year … .. And first of all, from old memory, I suggest remembering the flagship of the end of 2020 Xiaomi Mi 10T. Of course, it used to be inexpensive compared to competitors, but now it is generally a great option. And that’s why. Xiaomi Mi 10T is made of metal and glass, and also has a large 6.67-inch screen. Moreover, this is not an AMOLED matrix with “ripped-out” colors, but a high-quality IPS without a shim, with good viewing angles and natural color reproduction.

Thanks to her, not only you but also a peasant sitting in a minibus two seats away from you, will be able to enjoy your Instagram feed. In addition, the smartphone stands out with a screen refresh rate of 144 Hz, which is rarely seen in 2021. Still, the screen has one drawback, namely, not the highest maximum brightness of 500 nits. Well, connoisseurs-perfectionists, who mainly live in the comments under the video reviews, will also write down the front-facing 20 MP camera as a disadvantage. And you do not think, she takes pictures normally.

It’s just because of her that Xiaomi made a hole in the screen the size of a small door peephole, which will not appeal to fans of displays without cutouts. As for the main module, there the creators decided, according to the old male tradition, to figure it out for three, and as a result, the smartphone received three sensors at once with 64, 13, and 5 megapixels. And this is essentially a standard set of a conventional camera, wide-angle lens, and macro module. And in general, the cameras of the Mi 10T shoot well. Especially during the day.

Often simply blurs the pictures

But at night it is better to immediately put this model on the bedside table by the bed and go to bed! After all, the quality of shooting, in comparison with the daytime, falls so significantly. Moreover, even the “Night mode” does not save the situation and often simply blurs the pictures, and can easily turn your mother-in-law’s photo into the ghost of your mother-in-law. Still, the main trump card of the Mi 10T is not the camera, but its power. The fact is that the smartphone runs on last year’s top processor Snapdragon 865.

And now it is almost the cheapest device with this chip. Moreover, over the past year, it has been perfectly optimized and it can handle any games like Genshin Impact, CoD Mobile, and so on without any problems. In addition, unlike the same Snapdragon 888 that was supplied to the Mi11, it does not throttle under prolonged load. So if you are looking for a smartphone for gaming, then spending $ 900 on the newest Xiaomi flagship is optional. Because Mi 10Twill cost you only 450 dollars 375 euros \ 12 600 UAH \ 34 100 rubles \ 193 650 tenges.

But you will get that very flagship power. In addition, the smartphone is completely ready to walk with you into the future and supports 5G networks, Bluetooth 5.0, and even an NFC module is here. The Mi 10T is powered by a 5000 mAh battery. And in standard mode with listening to music and correspondence, the smartphone will calmly live for two days. If you load it to the fullest, then it will be enough for a maximum of a day. And it’s worth noting that there is no wireless charging here, but there is a fast 33W wired one. And if Mi 10T attracts with its low cost and cool performance, then the next smartphone surprises with a camera.

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Cheaper than at the start of sales

Albeit it costs a little more. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus And deserves the title of “camera phone” of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The smartphone was released in early 2019, but despite its age, it is still a great device. It is certainly not like an elite wine: it doesn’t get better over the years! But it doesn’t get any worse, and the most important thing is that now it can be found two times cheaper than at the start of sales. And the first thing that attracts the S10 Plus is the design. At least because, unlike the same Galaxy S21, it is made of glass, not plastic.

Well, the second plus of the smartphone is a 6.4-inch screen with an AMOLED matrix and a resolution of 3040 x 1440 pixels. And even though the screen received a standard 60Hz refresh rate, it is still one of the best displays on the market. At least because it has excellent color rendition and viewing angles. Confuse in the screen can only be a large hole for the front camera, but here it is double at 10 and 8 megapixels. The second additional sensor is needed to determine the depth of field of the picture, and thanks to it.

The front camera can take excellent portraits with beautiful blur. Take these portraits, print them, and hang them on the wall in your office! Where are we going to put our Pamela Anderson poster? Nowhere, I’ll just hang my photo a little higher! Moreover, all my youth I dreamed of being on top of Pamela Anderson … even if at least this way my dream will come true! In addition, the main modules are excellent here. The Galaxy S10 Plus has three cameras, with a 12MP main lens. 16 MP wide-angle. And a 12 MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom. You know, at one time the S10 Plus was considered one of the best in terms of photography and two years later it has remained so.

A smartphone is sold with the Exynos 9820

The Galaxy S10 Plus shoots perfectly and can even compete with the brand new S21. Photos are of high quality both during the day and at night. Well, the most controversial point about the S10 Plus is the processor. In our area, the smartphone is sold with the Exynos 9820, but I advise you to look for the version on the Snapdragon 855. It exists so that the sales consultants do not tell you. Look for it, at least because the “dragon” shows itself better in games. Among the advantages of the Galaxy S10 Plus.

It is worth highlighting the protection against water under the IP68 standard, a slot for a memory card, which is now almost not found in flagships, as well as a 4100 mAh battery. Charging the S10 Plus will definitely last for a day of active work, and besides, it supports both wired and wireless charging. Well, to find out how much the smartphone has fallen in price, we go to E Katalog, as it collects information about price changes for smartphones, and clearly shows how much Samsung has cut the price tag of its flagship.

To do this, simply drive the Galaxy S10 Plus into the search, go to the device page and click “price dynamics”. Here we see that initially more than 1,000 bucks were asked for a smartphone, but now it can be found for some 480-500. Moreover, new, and not restored or “used”. And if you still doubt whether the Galaxy S10 Plus is worth your money, then e-Katalog will help you decide completely. And feedback from real users and the ability to compare devices with each other will help in this. Just mark all smartphones you are interested in, and click compare. Well, when you decide, you can easily find a suitable case, film, and even headphones. like it TOP 5 CHEAPED FLAGMONS SMARTPHONES IN 2021.

The main competitor of Koreans  Apple

Moreover, users registered on the e-catalog can use the function “Find everything in one store” and, as they say, buy everything in a couple of mouse clicks. A link to the e-catalog is in the description under the video. And no matter how cool the S10 Plus takes a picture, there is one smartphone that even bypasses it. iPhone XR We’ve talked about Samsung, and now let’s touch on the main competitor of Koreans – Apple. And from all iPhone models, we chose the XR. Since it now costs 400 bucks cheaper than the iPhone 12, but at the same time, it is still relevant. How is my stylish pant belt mobile case? No, Rusk! This is only relevant for my grandfather! Yes.

The screen in the iPhone XR was installed not OLED, but a simple IPS, but high-quality and with excellent color reproduction. But in terms of design, the smartphone is closer to the flagships of Apple, since at the top there is a cutout for Face ID sensors and a front camera. She, by the way, received a resolution of only 7 megapixels, but at the same time takes good pictures. As for the main one, it is also one here, at 12 MP, but do not rush to get upset. For its money, XR takes pictures gorgeous, but I generally keep quiet about video recording.

4K 60fps, moreover, with optical stabilization

The smartphone writes videos up to 4K 60fps, moreover, with optical stabilization. So the output is even better than many Android smartphones. I’m lying if I say the XR is perfect. And step the main drawback here is the lack of a night mode. Although, maybe it’s for the best, so as not to shine with a new iPhone in the evening at the district! But you can’t get to the bottom of performance. Under the hood, the XR is powered by the proprietary A12 Bionic processor. It was once considered one of the most powerful mobile chips. Therefore.

There are no performance problems here. In addition, in some respects, it even bypasses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. The battery life in the iPhone XR is not bad either. The battery in the device is 2942 mAh, but thanks to Apple’s optimization, it can last up to two days. Of course, if you don’t play on your smartphone … don’t watch videos, don’t listen to music, and don’t talk … just kidding. It is enough just not to load the smartphone with games and shooting. comment it TOP 5 CHEAPED FLAGMONS SMARTPHONES IN 2021.