TOP 5 BEST XIAOMI QUALITY PRICE OF 2021 THE MOBILE THAT I WOULD BUY ME. I know that this is precisely a brand that you have a lot of affection for so today is a perfect day to discuss that issue and well people, the first thing we have to say is that it is normal that we do not be very aware of which are the best Xiaomi phones this is because if Xiaomi is known for something, it is precisely for saving the market a huge number of mobiles every month Every week, even every day they are releasing new terminals.

New models of the same terminal and new versions of the same model of the same terminal, you already know where these guys are going, so let’s start with the update. And since I know that you are especially interested in cheap things, I am going to start precisely by talking about that in this video of cheap things, then criticize tell us what is the mobile you would buy today with the least possible money because the first mobile that would be willing to buy with your money, well people can recommend us a specific model.

What I am going to recommend is a specific brand, the poco phone brand, which in case anyone still does not know it is a kind of sub-brand of xiao ming made for mobile phones of even better quality-price such as the TSA or my little x 3 Jan efe that we are going to see to be fair this mobile has a time but as it is not that the other mobiles on the market are much better, the truth is that I continue to recommend this one over the others and this is not so much a victory for Xiaomi with little depth but rather a defeat for the rest of the brands than in seven months. like it TOP 5 BEST XIAOMI QUALITY PRICE OF 2021 THE MOBILE THAT I WOULD BUY ME.

120 hertz of refresh rate

They have not been able to make a model within reach of this phone so ale we are going to make a small summary of the mobile to start the screen is not that it is anything to write about, it is a 667-inch screen full hd ips with this it means that It is not going to be the best screen that you are going to find, it is not going to have the best brightness or the best blacks or anything but what it does have in exchange for this is 120 hertz of refresh rate, which is this because we have already explained it many times but it is about the times that.

The screen is refreshed every second this makes the mobile have a feeling of much greater fluidity and it might seem silly but if you have ever had one of These mobiles you will realize that in effect it is something that helps a lot to the feeling of fluidity and obviously it must also be said for this price practically no mobile on the market is going to have these specifications, for example, the processor that is a snapdragon 732 that it has in Compared with the rest of its competitors, the truth is that.

It is crazy with this mobile you will be able to play practically most of the games on the PlayStation more than enough, I remember that this is the first mobile on this list, that is, the cheapest. that all the mobiles that we see from now on are going to have better specifications in case you like playing on the mobile as well as being fair if you want me to tell you something bad about the mobile the worst would be in their night photos which obviously The camera for this price is not the best you are going to find and if you want something more expensive then do not worry because people with little font think of everything oy.

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speakers that sound quite good and nfc

It also has a few options of higher prices such as the following mobile that we are going to recommend and that the little f3 to the little f3 is being crazy sales, we could define it as that mobile that has everything necessary for a mobile look and be a good mobile and nothing else because if we get to see them the bug has a good screen, good build quality, good design, speakers that sound quite good and nfc, a decent gaming power, a battery that measures up to this, etc.

The typical extras are missing that we would find in slightly more expensive mobiles such as wireless charging such as FM radio or as protection against dust and water if I tell the truth to me this is something that does not matter much to me but I know that some people who do take it into account a lot and if you ask me the first time I saw this mobile I completely freaked out the number of v How many I have achieved but I honestly believe that it should be even higher because for the price it has you would have to go to mobile phones of 500 euros to find the same qualities and the same locations and you can believe me that.

I am not hesitating in this you can go point by point looking for the specifications of this mobile and comparing them with other mobiles and you will see that in a brand as well known for example Samsung it is not in anything remotely similar until prices that almost double that of the Audi stem which by the way if I did not tell you It is between 270 and 280 euros, and right now I am seeing it for 280 euros in amazon. If you want to buy it, both this and the rest of the mobiles that appear in this article will be placed in the description along with a link to amazon itself. read it like it TOP 5 BEST XIAOMI QUALITY PRICE OF 2021 THE MOBILE THAT I WOULD BUY ME.

Impossible titanic Herculean task

So you don’t get lost along the way and well if you are liking this video it would also be good if you give 16 to the like button and the subscribe button that I know that for you it may seem like an impossible titanic Herculean task, something that no human can achieve but of course, if you put some decision into it you will be able to press those little buttons that make us so happy because we really don’t need anything else from you to keep growing I’m sure that someone would think that I would forget about it because.

It is even cheaper than the little f3 version and fermín out of 10 pros is on this list you may not know it but every time he leaves he takes me a new model from the minute red that mobile became a best-seller that year for the brand and the truth is that since the 7-minute network in critique we have recommended these phones over and over again not only for their exceptional features but also for very good build quality and an even better design for a price that in my opinion has no competition and well it will sound repetitive but this mobile has practically everything or whatever you are looking for in it, we are going to make the list and so you see it good screen if good decent battery good camera because practically the best and for its price good processor there are better ones. comment it TOP 5 BEST XIAOMI QUALITY PRICE OF 2021 THE MOBILE THAT I WOULD BUY ME.