Top 10+ New Features for WhatsApp 2021 – 2022 ⚡ Transfer Messages from iOS to Android and more

Top 10+ New Features for WhatsApp 2021 - 2022 ⚡ Transfer Messages from iOS to Android and more
Top 10+ New Features for WhatsApp 2021 - 2022 ⚡ Transfer Messages from iOS to Android and more


Introduction of Top 10+ New Features for WhatsApp 2021 – 2022 ⚡ Transfer Messages from iOS to Android and more

Top 10+ New Features for WhatsApp 2021 – 2022 ⚡ Transfer Messages from iOS to Android and more. that you are aware of all the content that we upload to the channel and we will start with the transfer of files and is that currently we can not pass our chats our photographs our Voice notes from operating system to operating system, in this case, ios android or android ios and to date, the only way to transfer all our data is through different third-party applications, however, all these are paid and sometimes they transfer us with the greatest efficiency, therefore, WhatsApp is finally going to implement this function and.

We will be able to transfer all our data from these two operating systems so that if we want to change the platform if we want to change an iphone or if we want to change an android phone we will be able to do it and transfer all our messages without having to lose them or start from scratch also to date allows us to make backup copies of all our information in different cloud services either to the cloud in the case of Apple devices or google drive in the case of android phones however these copies are totally free and are within or of these platforms in the cloud but they are not encrypted but this will be one of the new functions that are being implemented.

We will be able to configure a password which we will have to enter when we want to decrypt our data and want to transfer it to another phone or wanting to restore them to the same mobile terminal in that way, although other people have our google account, they will not be able to access our backup to be able to restore it on any phone, it is recently implemented what is multiplatform support is not like us I would have liked but hey we already have it implemented and.

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platform or on WhatsApp desktop

It is no longer necessary to have the phone functional all the time or connected to the internet now it can work independently and we can connect it to up to four different devices in this case through the WhatsApp web platform or in whatsapp desktop that we can within the application store Windows nes what you have to do is have the WhatsApp application updated and this function will sooner or later be released within your watts account to your child and we will be able to send photos and videos in original quality or reduced quality. To be able to choose.

What we want or even select an automatic mode so that it intelligently determines when it is worth sending it with the best quality and when it is not worth it, we will have three different functions when sending a photograph by choosing the better quality choosing saving data or choosing it automatically through the Whatsapp application also one of the big problems we currently have when making video calls or group calls is that if someone is going to join the call after having made it.

We have to hang up and make the call again but this will change thanks to this new function that will implement in which we will simply add the people we want to add within the video call or call in progress and in this way we will not have to remove everyone and re-enter as we do currently, the self-destruction of messages or the just a glance in this way we can configure photos, messages or videos so that users can only see them once and once they are played ready they disappear and.

implementing message self-destruction

They can not be seen again although there is a small detail since users could take screenshots and it will not notify the other user that said screenshot was taken so it is not fully functional but hey at least it is implementing message self-destruction and in some circumstances, it will be quite useful another function recently entered is the audio speed and it is that now we can reproduce all the voice notes s in x 1 in x 2 or x 1.5 depending on what we need and in this way than not having to wait for all the pauses that our friends make, the people with whom.

We are talking, we simply play as fast as possible and listen to the content like us We really need it, and we are going to see that soon the archived section of archived messages will disappear and it will no longer exist and now we will have something similar, it will be called read later and this is where we will find practically the same section but instead of finding them there is the lower part of all the social ones we will see it in the upper part but there will be an option in settings that will allow us to hide so that in this way.

We can have a section of secret chats of some listeners that we can give different uses to that section to read later and therefore also have better functions than what we currently have as Unblocking of banned accounts has been implemented, and it is currently that if they go to the ready account, they do not have the opportunity to contact you with absolutely no one to solve it, now a system will be implemented in which you can request a single review with the support of WhatsApp so that in effect they verify.

deleting the account or if it was an error

If you really did something improper and it was due to deleting the account or if it was an error and we will delete it and therefore it will be restored without any problem with all the chats with all your messages and You will not have major complications and obviously you will not have to create another account with a different number and do a quite Laporta process, it will also increase the speed for the verification of users when entering the WhatsApp application for the first time.

We already know that we currently have the text messages that work quite well and the calls but in these, we can take a p coquito more what we listen to the audio and we listen to the number to be able to enter it now, it will simply detect what number is calling you, it will be very the style of text messages, it quickly detects that it is calling, play the call and voila, you will have quick access to your WhatsApp account without having major complications like the ones we currently have.

when recording the voice notes

Where we can take a little longer, an aesthetic change will also be implemented when recording the voice notes, we already know that we can only see the time and we can throw them away or continue recording or block them so that we can record for a while without having the hand-pressed now we can see the waves this is the audio to know if something is being heard in the background or something not or if we want to modify something, in particular, our tone of voice force intensity.

Because we can already see all this through the recording of voice notes and it is something quite interesting and Soon they are being implemented in all brains in both android and aller, but now these are practical all the functions that we will be learning about throughout the year 2021 and by 2022 we will be traditionally using them, we will already be telling you if some new functions are going to be introduced but probably also for the year 2022, we will see some additional news of some functions that may also contribute more to improve the WhatsApp application some services that are much superior. comment it Top 10+ New Features for WhatsApp 2021 – 2022 ⚡ Transfer Messages from iOS to Android and more.