Top 10 Most Anticipated Phones August 2021

Top 10 Most Anticipated Phones August 2021
Top 10 Most Anticipated Phones August 2021

Introduction of Top 10 Most Anticipated Phones August 2021

Top 10 Most Anticipated Phones August 2021. but in August and with the presentation of a lot of phones that are going to break the market and it is that they already live with enough news including the new generation of processors but throughout this article, we will prepare the 10 best phones that will be presented throughout August of the year 2022 we are going to start this list with some phones that were presented before August began.

But that will be able to be purchased in pre-sale from August this includes shortly x 37 that has been recently presented and of which we already know practically all that you can go to know them however the main virtues of this phone that It is incorporating 67 watts fast charging gorilla glass victus for the protection of the front screen and inside it is having a gam processor technically 1100 average high a processor that gives it more than 680 thousand points in car which makes.

It is an excellent purchase option and its price is ranging from $ 299 which does make it a magnificent purchase option at the same time. July 21 were presented the 2 Motorola x 20 that includes the milk version 20 the milk version and the version of the g20 light those phones have as their main focus the photographic section, the section of the screen, and also the performance because those terminals are going to To be offering for a very good quality-price the main characteristics of the terminals is that in all of us.

6.99 millimeters and a weight of 163 grams

We would have a main sensor of 108 megapixels and also in the three phones we will be incorporating a 67-inch OLED screen and even in the aesthetic section they will not be bad stopped because the milk version 20 even has a thickness of 6.99 millimeters and a weight of 163 grams and in quant or to the flavors we have had the best options that we currently have in the market from the textile medium 720 to the dragon stand 870 and the prices will be offering venues of $ 379 which positions it very well against the competition and even comparing against Rial phones hates me or.

I’m going more until August 11 and is that Samsung is going to present us the galaxy was covered of interest and also the galaxy z all 32 phones that each one will have their respective virtues let’s start with the zeta flip 3 and is that the official price for these phones will be oscillating between 1000 500 dollars being very similar to that of previous generations and therefore not increasing in price also in those phones we will be incorporating either the new versions of the standard to the 888 plus or failing that.

The same processor of the previous generations of the galaxy s 21 the xxi nos 2100 but hey there is also an important detail mentioned ionar of that phone and it is that it is speculated that a cheaper fan edition version may come out for approximately a thousand dollars and that in this case, it will allow more users to acquire a folding phone, however at the moment there has not been much saying of this and it is possible that we do not even have a fan edition version although there are several details.

Then confirmed in four specifications

That indicates that we could have a version for the edition of both the CETA flip 3 and the zeta 3 so this is still to be confirmed however the zeta Fall 3 itself is more than confirmed in four specifications, it is very similar to the other terminal, however, obviously the design and the exterior screen as well as the interior one since they have different characteristics including from 120 hertz in terms of the refresh rate and of course having versions with 12 or 16 gb of ram and of course with the latest technologies.

However, in terms of the photographic section in these phones They would be incorporating maximum sensors of 12 megapixels at least for the main sensor that are not bad they are quite decent and they are quite good but we will not be having what we have in the ultra versions with the 108-megapixel sensor but the truth is that it is not a Bad decision is more we go with the magic 3 colors that are a range of devices that will be presented on August 12 and these phones will have the new generation of processors including the.

New standard 888 plus and of course these terminals thanks Now they are demarcated from Huawei because they will be able to include Google services and of course the personality layer of the same company right now as well as other specifications, the truth is that we will be very good for two 67-inch OLED screens with 120 hertz in terms of the refresh rate and particular two phones would be presented the ma jing 3 and also the magic 3 pros that.

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particular assuming one of the characteristics

They will be two phones that will stand out a lot for their price in particular assuming one of the characteristics that have been emphasized at least in the leaks is that it will have advanced 3d facial recognition very similar to what we currently have With the face Xavi but now brought by the company from now on, it is expected that it will have the fast charge of 100 watts that we have already seen in the phones recently presented by Herner although this is not confirmed and it is possible that.

We will also stay with a limitation of up to 67 watts although it would also be a very good option then we give the cheapest phones that the Xiaomi company will present to us, specifically from the network sub-brand and which will be the network 1010 and network 1010 three devices are going to be offered all together for between 100 and 150 dollars. They are very affordable prices and those phones at least in how much To the information we have we know that.

They will only be dual sim devices and that in the case of the design they will be based on the network line min 10 so if we are going to see many similarities, however, these phones are going to be a lot more economical, and possibly we have Qualcomm processors very reduced in terms of performance and also with some MediaTek processors that offer us some benefits a little higher than those of the respective variants with Qualcomm of soldiers with the company of and their days that.

Lexus 8 z and the Jesus 8 z plate two phones

We would present two new phones specifically the Lexus 8 z and the Jesus 8 z plate two phones that will have the latest generation of processors specifically the new standard in 888 plus will be presented in mid -August and that will be good it will be very similar to those in point that has recently presented them will be small telephones but they will also offer us pa The sizes are therefore quite generous considering the size of the device, specifically 5.9 inches, but having a high refresh rate that reaches 120 hertz, also in the flip device.

We are going to have the characteristic that the camera is going to flip, in this case, we are going to be able to use the main sensors both for the back and to take show-style photographs, which could therefore be a very good option to have three sensors that will be used for traditional photographs and videos but if we want to give them another use then The play version could be an excellent option, however, the prices will not be cheap at all and it must be taken into account that their phones are not intended for the general public, mainly because of the sizes.

That is going to have the lowest and a company of noise to me is that they are going to present us with several telephones but one of the most interesting is going to be ria 2009 a telephone ono that will replace the current noise 18 that Louis quite well at the time although it had quite a few criticisms because if noise 17 in some aspects was superior to this new generation then this will be corrected for this new range of devices and in that article, We would return something that we specifically expected.

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Incorporating the snapdragon 778 g processor.

We would be incorporating the snapdragon 778 g processor, a great flavor that we already know gives us more than 500 thousand points in adults and that they do not have anything in the mid-range despite the 700 denomination, we will also be incorporating 67-watt fast charge something more than expected for this generation and we would also have a super AMOLED screen and now we also have a high refresh rate of 120 hertz to have more fluidity in general in the device and terms of the photographic section.

Who knows if the sensor will be good but it is expected that a small cut will be made here and we have a sensor of 64 half pixels Unlike what the previous generation had with the 108-megapixel sensor that was intending to directly compete against the humid devices but we will see the prices presented in mid- August to see if they are going to be worth it because Well, within round me two new devices from the 8 range will also be presented, specifically the noise 18 that and the noise or eight and two phones of which.

We still do not know many specifications, we only know that they are going to make cheap and that is Phones are going to be incorporating processors such as the immense MediaTek and 810 that if it gives us good performance but obviously it is more intended for the mid-range lower mid-range and as for the main sensors we will also have 64-megapixel sensors, but they would already have the new round 2.0 characterization layer what apparently in those phones because of the ram capacity that.

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Become excellent shopping

They will have v to be able to have an increase of up to 5 gb of virtual RAM through software which will greatly benefit the performance of these phones and how they will be offered for a fairly cheap price possibly lower than 200 dollars they will become excellent shopping options but it will be necessary to see the rest of its specifications finally by the end of August Samsung is also going to present the galaxy efe 22 a phone that is going to be quite cheap, in fact, it could already be categorized as a low-mid-range phone without However.

It is also intended for an audience that is not very demanding because the MediaTek dimension 800 is going to incorporate a processor that gives it compatibility with 5g technology that is, we can use it in the long term but unfortunately due to the rectification a little shortened although the battery is going to be quite generous we will have 5,000 milliamps with the fast charge possibly 18 watts and.

Samsung company which makes it attractive

We are going to have a fairly large 6.5-inch screen unfortunately this is going to be ips lcd but it does not usually have 20 hertz in terms of refresh rate and the phone would be offering for less than 200 dollars which would make it into one of the cheapest phones that can be bought in this case with 5g technology and also within the Samsung company which makes it attractive for many users and really the car company also represents phones.

But in this case of its most economical range possibly it is an update of the f 19 and f 21 we do not know more specifications of those phones what we do know is that they will be below 200 dollars they will be very cheap but nothing is known about their screens or their processors nor absolutely nothing but we know that they will be presented by the end of August but hey, these are the verbs .comment it Top 10 Most Anticipated Phones August 2021..