This is the Cheapest Smartphone in the World

This is the Cheapest Smartphone in the World
This is the Cheapest Smartphone in the World

Introduction of This is the Cheapest Smartphone in the World

This is the Cheapest Smartphone in the World. we will start with a brand that I am sure that many of you have heard in real life, but at least because this is an Indian manufacturer of equipment that, moreover, mainly works only for their home, but since most of the inhabitants of this country, alas, can only afford the cheapest phones, then and it is logical that the most budget and state employees appeared there, while such valuable ki greens can even be allowed in whole, for example, in 2014.

The carbon mobile company released its first hyper public sector carbon a 50 and you know, in fact, in a different way, I won’t be able to name it well, because in the popular Indian paper of the flipcard trading network it was sold for 2800 rubles, which translates into dollars to make 47 evergreens and at that time yes it was a real record, or even the most unknown Chinese companies that rivet smartphones near self-dug dungeons could not offer something cheaper.

But it is clear what the user received for such ridiculous money the phone is not like a base, I would even say of a primitive level, there is certainly not a push-button dialer, but even if, for example, give a gift to your grandmother and who do not understand technology, then 50s will definitely not work because looking at a pixel on a miniature screen of three and a half inches is it just physically hurts, especially when, in addition to those pixels, the pain you can’t see anything, because the resolution of this phone is only 480 by 320 pixels, in addition to everything else.

The version was perfectly optimized

The smartphone was equipped with a dual-core processor from the media library, 256 megabytes of RAM which were already barely enough even for the android version 422, but this is a geely bit on KitKat which is so at that time it was not the first fresh, apparently they didn’t have enough money, or they didn’t have enough intelligence, because this version was perfectly optimized, namely for a budget chip, you know what’s most interesting is that the smartphone for $ 47 also had two chips.

That are now difficult to find even in the flagship with a price tag for a thousand dollars, namely, support for 2 physical sim cards and a slot for a memory card, so these are sad and 512 megabytes of internal storage at least could be expanded and even up to 32 gigabytes and filled with these gigabytes with phone numbers with 2 SIM cards, you can’t play on this phone at all, you know, in fact, they made such a small flash drive on which you can still call but wait, but also the carbon 50s had cameras and friends in the plural.

And for the quality of the photo, I will not say anything at all, because I think to put a camera in such a smartphone, is already an achievement, you know how to sneeze with open eyes in a very shorter it’s difficult because judge for yourself even in 2021, if, for example, you needed a phone that at least will perform basic functions, then you will have to spend at least a hundred dollars because cheaper smartphones will not be able to offer you anything except pain and disappointment and tear your eyes out of the screen again.

There is a comparison function

But about the camera, so I generally keep quiet, and so in order not to be mistaken when choosing a state employee, go to the cat and firstly here, real buyers leave their honest reviews and a smartphone, and secondly, there is a comparison function that will help you understand which of the phones is right for you, and in the third and the catalog there is a unique and detailed filter by characteristics with which you will quickly find the desired device in and you can even fit into the budget.

The link to the catalog will be in the description under the video, but I generally think the existence of the next smartphone can be called a miracle because for such a sum it is very difficult to do something other than the usual primitive dialers, but it is very difficult and our next record holder is called Intex cloud fx was released in the same 2014, but the truth is a couple of months later, and yes friends are back in India, but it was already on sale with a price tag of 2,000 rupees, you imagine the phone is cheaper than the jeans you put it in your pocket.

Please don’t sit in other people’s pants to look, you know, this phone stood out not only for the price but also for the operating system because it worked this miracle not even on android but on the operating system it took it under the name firefox os yes friends never a very popular browser wanted to make its own mobile system, although you know the difference from the usual green the robot had a memory here Mozilla behaved like a poor student who wrote off q excellent nickname.

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The quality was downloaded to a smartphone

But in some moments I slightly corrected so that it was not quite the same, nevertheless, the characteristics of this Intex cloud fix are the same sad as he is the face of my operator Russia, he lost it means, for example, the pixel density of the screen is only one hundred and sixty-four points in the memory onboard 256 megabytes it seems that there are a lot, but only 40 65 songs available in good quality were downloaded to a smartphone and everything will be enough because of the processor from the little- known company spreadtrum no longer fit.

But the operatives, you know, hug and cry only 128 megabytes men age even funny well listen yes super cheap I agree well they somehow need to be used again or we just paid for the fact that it turns on and the functionality, as they say, was not included in the deal, by the way, if you think that it is impossible to buy a normal smartphone for $ 30, then I can say that now you are for sure you will be surprised in short so it means to listen to your wife saw how you photographed someone else’s asses on Instagram x women and she said that.

Put this phone to you in the place that the third woman varnish well, don’t be upset, take it quickly, open my channel and see my reviewers, get out a new phone, but ours said to do it, and you will get out to help no less than already it was not so painful to unsubscribe so let’s continue and so a smartphone for $ 30 created a hotel, which you know all the same already inspires at least some hope because it is not some kind of over there but for rent, a company is like is a full-fledged brand with a history, name and reputation and.

particular manufacturer decided

It’s even surprising that this particular manufacturer decided to release a smartphone worth only 30 bucks because this is the price tag that the cricket operator hung up on the brand new Alcatel in 2018, nevertheless, to buy a smartphone for such a price, was necessary to connect a click tariff plan, which I think is generally quite the same it’s a common thing even for apple to trade like this and here finally the characteristics do not cause this about wild Spanish shame and don’t even make you cry and laugh at the same time, just think about.

It for $ 30 the user gets a 5-inch screen covered, of course, with a cheap but protective glass, a quad-core processor with support for third and even fourth-generation networks 16 gigabytes of internal storage, and 2 gigs of RAM well, with the same it is already possible to live inside, say the grandchildren who gave it to their grandmothers to live out, besides.

This smartphone was working under control, I consider myself quite relevant at that time android 7 and 0, which were also called nougat, and the cameras of course fell under the definition for the show, well, at least it was a 5-megapixel main module and a 2-megapixel front camera, and to be honest, this kind of handset can be easily recommended to those who need a smartphone, for example.