The XIAOMI MI NOTE 11 is filtered and is NOT what we EXPECTED

The XIAOMI MI NOTE 11 is filtered
The XIAOMI MI NOTE 11 is filtered


Introduction of The XIAOMI MI NOTE 11 is filtered and is NOT what we EXPECTED

The XIAOMI MI NOTE 11 is filtered and is NOT what we EXPECTED.ok the two are coming now or minute 11 and minute 11 pro a range that surely many of you will remember because its predecessor minute 10 had one of the best photographic sections on the market including the latest 108-megapixel sensor and also incorporating a great variety of sensors that offered us practically an unlimited photographic possibility and it was that it offered us all kinds of the sensor from the traditional wide-angle.

The ultra-wide-angle, a telephoto lens, a good depth, we had a sensor for absolutely everything and these were of the best possible quality, therefore it is that this phone at the time was positioned as number one at the photographic level in di Exo brand the only one but that you could put those phones was the price because if it was slightly high and also the performance where mid-range processors were put without, However, for this new generation of minute 11 and minute 11 pro, we do not really know what.

It is going to do. focus and this phone are not going to be focused at the photographic level, therefore, it will not incorporate that the new 200-megapixel sensor of one inch from Samsung nor any of the 108,000 mix sensors it is not in fact going to incorporate a triple Rear camera and the main sensor will be 49 pixels sensors that we have already seen in a wide variety of Jaume phones and that although it does not do anything bad they have not proven to be the best sensors at a photographic level, in this phone, they will not give us sensors garbage since.

90 hertz, although it is not a bad resolution

We will have precisely the main one is between 49 pixels it will be accompanied by a telephoto lens and it will also be accompanied by an ultra-wide-angle or index we will only have functional sensors they will not give us fill sensors however we will not have the latest of the latest as in previous generations At the photographic level and the video level, this is replicated in other sections because the screen is going to be or led without e However, this will be limited to 90 hertz, although it is not a bad resolution.

We will expect a minimum of 120 hertz as we have seen in another range of devices and surely this screen will also be curved, we will see at the end of this is true or if they will change the concept and now they will grant traditional totally flat screens at the performance level we have only had the most important change and that is how these phones will be incorporating although not the latest processors in terms of performance and power but without a processor, it is quite good and.

That is that minute 11 the normal version the snapdragon 778 g or the 780 g and do not be fooled by the denomination to be 700 that gives us the indication that it is a mid-range processor do not completely forget that this processor gives us a score of more than 500 thousand points in antuco which positions it for a score much higher than those of high-end processors of previous generations and if it is also compatible with technology without taking and with the latest of the latest in terms of the wipe.

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performance that suits

There is as far as what we can think of, we have it in this chip only that it is to offer at a cheaper price and to make the performance that suits us totally frank To offer this terminal will be more than enough and currently there are not even games, applications or whatever you want that can exploit the performance of these processors, therefore, it is that if you will be more than enough in the case of the 11 minute version, but let’s go To be incorporating the snapdragon 870, a processor that we have seen is very outstanding.

It is the third best processor that we currently have on the market and it is very efficient in every sense, it is mainly focused on cheap phones, which can give us an indication of perhaps this range. It will no longer be as expensive as it was in previous generations, let us remember that this Xiaomi range did not care what price is put on it. They cared about offering us quality in these devices and offering them at a high price but the users who bought it knew that they were buying a phone with the latest generation hardware.

However, there is an important detail to take into account mainly in terms of the updated policy. which is good news and good bad news because apparently by imitating the updates that it will give to all its phones we will have better software we will have updates that are not really going to give us problems as we had with me and 12 and that practically any user knows what I am talking about However, this limits which phones are going to be updated and giving Xiaomi phones a very very short life in terms of android updates and is that, for example, the previous range even though.

read it The XIAOMI MI NOTE 11 is filtered and is NOT what we EXPECTED.

update to the official Android version

It was an expensive phone that it was a premium phone the -10 that was released in November 2020 will no longer be updated to android 12 which is a very big limitation, although if we are going to have the update in my interest, possibly we will not have it for android 12 which is going to complicate things a bit because it would limit the Yao ming phones to only two years of updates and an update to the official Android version and finally we would be understanding which side is the economic prices that Omni already offers us because although

It will give us the latest generation hardware it will give us a duel software for the moment but already in the long run term and even medium will no longer give us any type of support, any additional help, which reflects why yao phones are going to be cheaper than what other companies offer us, for example, Google will already be offering us five years of support and updates how much you are offering us from 3 to 4 years depending on the range.

Samsung, all brands are already going

We buy and the same will happen with real new mico With Samsung, all brands are already going to offer us at least three years of updates for some devices, therefore, we have to take this information with tweezers and see if I will be offered more updates for those phones by offering them at higher prices or It is going to reduce costs so that people can acquire them at a lower price but leaving it without support in the medium term. I no longer have the slightest idea I think that it could even become an unnecessary phone in some way.

It will be necessary to see if it has any additional attraction such as what I mentioned about the updates or that they offer us a good price for these characteristics I really am not sure of the intention of the change of Jaume previously because we focus on photography and we know that any user Aryan who wanted the best at a photographic level that he bought that phone and even so he still had a premium phone, in this case, the truth. comment it The XIAOMI MI NOTE 11 is filtered and is NOT what we EXPECTED.