REDMI NOTE 10T IS THE MAIN SURPRISE FROM XIAOMI. Hello everyone, you are on the article for boxing, my name is Volodya, and this is redmi notes 10t aka redmi notes 10 5g, that is, a new and real red for about ten minutes with which I confused everyone even more, because looking at the prices and characteristics you expect 1 you get everything different so today I will tell you how successful the red turned out for about ten minutes, what it will be interesting for you, for example, and whether.

It is worth taking it instead of the usual readme for 10 and now there are still no subscriptions, although this is amazing like rushed you will find out you can say that rusik, why are you turning around, I piled it up I had to pile up a chair to buy a lexis suit, then now I would sit quietly on the armchair like the tsars blissed-out music with the best, let’s finish with our dances, follow the link in the description of the chair compartment and let’s start filming and you know you can to say that this is the first smartphone from the new Redmi line that stands out for its appearance you see that.

But 10 about what is the usual ten what 10 everything is very similar, but of course it may not be possible for me now, in fact, there is a bunch of different smartphones if I, for example, are going to put rhythmics in boxes, then I go to the system menu to understand which smartphone I am currently holding in my hands, but 10 5g you know it stands out directly, it’s hard to confuse it with the rest, well, firstly, it has a matte roof on which, although of course, fingerprints are visible.

external distinctive feature

But they are not very striking, besides, thanks to its material, this smartphone lies pleasantly in the hand, unlike the same 010 about which some slippery plastic remnant is felt, and even considering that there is 2 glass there is an external distinctive feature of this unit, which, of course, they have comprehended resembles the older model and but still differs seriously, but here everything is the same if the ribbed rate is modules, but now it covers two lenses out of three at once you know him when you start photographing.

Then you clearly understand why here the designers decided not to highlight the main lens, probably because the main module here is forty 8 megapixels, moreover, quite mediocre and at first glance, the pictures can even be called quite good, especially if you look at them from a smartphone, but if you open them on a computer and even start zooming in, then you immediately understand that detailing here is at a minimum and in fact, the situation only slightly corrects the 48 GPS shooting mode, but hdr works somehow strange here, firstly.

It does not always correctly determine the scene and simply does not pull out details in the re-light, and secondly, even if it understands that and where you need to make that photo quality will drop noticeably and here, for example, a photo for you without her, but with her, if you did not notice the difference, then take a closer look at the tree on the right, well, at night, the camera also shows its budget nature and gives out what you are waiting for, namely, no night nature is such a play on words and in fact you know the same way you can describe macro maps because.

the maximum for this smartphone

It is here but in t, purely for show, it gives out the photo quality once I walked along the street and will never touch it again, and against the background of all this, I would even call the video quality good up to the maximum for this smartphone, it’s 1080p at 30 fps, but what kind of electronic stabilization so that the picture does not jerk and in principle, even an article from a vacation can be easily removed on such a smartphone, already the fact that you are drunk on shooting.

But at least it won’t shake like that, and the front camera on 8 megapixels will put an end to the camera test and, frankly, you can even praise it, but only for the quality of the photo, because here’s the video she shoots so-so and even suffers from a rolling shutter and so sit down comrade we will find a maximum of 4 I’m kind of surrounded by the light, I’m sorry I’m taking the dog from him that I don’t worry about your dog at all I’m just the operator is not tied, well, see for yourself, and since we touched the front of the smartphone, let’s talk about the 3 thousand strong lines, not 10 5g.

But just about the display here, everything is not as good as we would like, but I’ll start, all the same, I probably with good news, many will like the fact that the screen here is flat like the earth, according to my operator rus, so if you have problems with displays curved at the edges, this is your option 2 the good news is that this smartphone has 90 hertz, I want to say that this is actually even a very pleasant surprise because it costs, but here again even cheaper than 10 s there is to note that the claim is Amalia, here usually without, so that we can say that.

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Chinese simply decided to save money

It’s a draw and you know, apparently by putting a regular lunch instead of AMOLED, the Chinese simply decided to save money, because if they decided to put 90 hertz and AMOLED, then the price tag of the smartphone would already be approaching the level of red notes 10 about having a rest 10 5 left not far from the usual ten and, in principle, it is then positioned as such an improved version with modern chips, so let’s not scold ourselves because the guys did the right thing and.

If and you want to do everything right when choosing a smartphone, then go to the catalog, because here you can quickly select the desired device using a convenient filter, find out everything about the smartphone from real users and also find the most advantageous offer from hundreds of stores, the link to the catalog will be in the description under the video nevertheless, the hero of this review stands out with other chips that for many maybe even more important than a bright juicy display.

But I will tell them a little later, and of course, it is worth noting that the refresh rate here is adaptive, that is, it changes depending on the content on the screen if you, for example, watch a video on youtube, you often freeze at 60 hertz, and if there, for example, start the game or start, for example, flipping the Instagram feed, and then all 90 will turn on, a cool chip will help, for example, to a smartphone, save battery power, that’s it, when a person sees your photos on Instagram, he will think this first and you know, frankly speaking, a month.

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green and blue shades at the edges

The display is not bad for the color here, of course, it is not so saturated, but if you wish, you can always tweak the setting, so I think that even fans for years will be satisfied with their own viewing angles, you know the complaints are also not clear that, as all the matrix plays, the picture still darkens a little at the corners, but I think that within the normal range, for example, you will not see green and blue shades at the edges of the display, eyes will not flow out, you still know a couple of disadvantages this screen has, in the first place.

It is not really me and I would like to tell you a more accurate figure, of course, but all of you bashfully hides the titans, although usually the Chinese write the peak, I just apparently have nothing to brag about, nevertheless, according to the media, there will be only 4 here, and when you go out into the sun it becomes noticeable, of course, the screen does not turn into a pumpkin in the sun until, but in order, for example, to write a bowl, I think you still have to look for a bruise for everything Xiaomi is not yet writes what kind of glass this front panel is covered with so that.

There is either no protection at all or there is some kind of cheap gorilla glass 3 there, so I advise you not to take off this film that comes with the kit, but you know the smartphone itself is better to hide in the cover says out of harm’s way, fortunately, here it is traditionally included, therefore, you will not have to spend extra money by the way, he is my operator rusik, too, he never additionally spends his phone in a plastic bag like a TV remote control, but you know, in general, the screen is not 10 5g, you can even to call it not bad, especially.

communication in social networks

If you take into account the price of this device and, in fact, for most users of such a display will be enough both for communication in social networks and entertainment like there my games or watching an example of youtube there, and besides, we put a pretty good multimedia speaker on and I honestly admit that initially, I thought that there are two here because these three points are on top, well, oh They look like an additional hole for the second speaker.

But it was not there, and judging by everything, another microphone is hidden from above, and the infrared port is also a risk for controlling the equipment, but as for the quality of the speaker, it is just normal, but there is nothing to praise for because the sound is here pretty flat, even the bass is not audible, in general, it plays cleanly does not creak, so I will not scold him well, in short, listen to yourself.

But the sound from the spoken speaker, you know, seemed to me somehow strange, the impression is that the person on the other end of the wire is sitting in a barrel or you really ate the rustic barrels, however, you can hear the interlocutor well and you will be heard clearly and without interference, well, provided of course that the connection is appropriate, and as for the proximity sensor.