REDMI NOTE 10 PRO Chosen The Best Xiaomi

REDMI NOTE 10 PRO Chosen The Best Xiaomi
REDMI NOTE 10 PRO Chosen The Best Xiaomi

Introduction of REDMI NOTE 10 PRO Chosen The Best Xiaomi

REDMI NOTE 10 PRO Chosen The Best Xiaomi. the first such big difference between these smartphones is, of course, the price, well, everything has mini 9 users for classes, so all smartphones are equipped with the same so that each one is sold with a charging case and which has already received a protective film on the screen, but if you just take it like that and look at your smartphone with the naked eye, and then it’s even incomprehensible to Which is more expensive as cheaper, but if it was drawn in the bull’s-eye.

When they developed x3

It is immediately clear of course all the same here the ass is knocked out x3 about which it costs like but 10 percent but it looks like this is 100 bucks cheaper and it’s not that I’m chasing a show-off there and I want the smartphone to look until the century, just f3 and 10 pros look much better, and there is a feeling that Xiaomi was directly invested in their design, you know, I think when they developed x3 about that, the designer was told here you see the door peephole, but that’s stupid not here just the same just still you know more and strengthens this feeling of cheapness and in x3.

It is about the materials of the case, for example, well, 10 about the era of f3, there is corning gorilla glass 5 in front and behind, but the shelf x3 pro received a plastic back and the smartphone screen was already covered by 6 Galina, which even on the statement of the manufacturer itself, these are all here turned out to be weaker than the fifth generation, that is, for example, you can take a protective film to open it and overlap on the bed nku let it be a heap, too, to protect the poor rooster, nevertheless, you know.

It’s funny that in the ass f3 Xiaomi still clamped the moisture protection while both laundresses got 53 with smartphones, of course, you don’t dive, but this is at least something poison on the sea was rare, so I strongly did not worry, but the Vikings will not work with the same smartphone, especially if they are Vikings from the free military strategy of Bikin roads, because in this mobile game they have to fight to conquer new lands and travel on huge drakkars across the sea.

Viking battles well

The game you will find everything you need is a battle with real players around the world and of course the opportunity to become the commander of an entire army of Vikings and to be honest, I adore military lines and vodka, Viking battles well, I was drawn into it. then there are soulless computer enemies and with real players, besides, the Viking developers hold a competition among new players in which you can win iphone 12 pro and iPad pro, and the conditions are quite simple to get a chance to win iPad pro, you just need to reach the 15th level of the palace by the end of April.

But iphone 12 pros will already be played among those I will be able to get to the maximum level of the palace until the end of April among other players, and if you think that this is impossible, then this is just a small one more often from bras that have already earned their prizes, so download the Vikings exactly from my link in the description under the video or this QR code and go to the dangerous the exciting world of the Vikings game yes it will come with you 1 so back, unfortunately, it means another minus while there are three of them is that.

It does not have a standard headphone jack yes of course the manufacturer took care and put an adapter from type-c to minijack in the kit, but the fact remains well but in x3 about raccoon 10 about headphone jacks are in place so you don’t throw your favorite headset when As for the speakers, then all smartphones have walls, though in x3 about it, it is still cut down, because as the second speaker here, the conversation plays clearly and makes this very stereo effect much better at f3 or 010, but you can get the sound quality rate.

Slightly separated and recessed

But with the arrangement of the buttons by the sims I did not think anything but still, all the same, I think that he stands out as Philip Kirkorov at a social event, but only we have a good sense, in fact, all three got a volume control swing and a power key for the right to play, and all of them, according to a new trend, are of course combined with a fingerprint scanner, that’s just in the x3 pro, the button is still slightly separated and recessed into the case, which I think is very convenient because the scanner can no longer be confused with the volume keys and.

It is really easier to find it in the blind, but for treason 10 fights while ev3 all the keys are already flush with the body and feel pretty bad, not well, not so bad, that is, you don’t have to buy glasses with plus 7 diopters there to look at groping no true to the speed of work no complaints to all three all quickly and clearly, nevertheless, you know the readme driver about can compensate for an inconvenient fingerprint scanner with a very convenient tray for sim cards, but the thing is that redmi has a triple slot for this one, so you can simultaneously put a memory card and 2 sim cards in that.

At the same time, Quickstep 1 lot is already combined and users will have to choose between a large amount of memory or two SIM cards in the phone, but f3 already does not have such an opportunity as to expand the memory, just put 2 sim cards, but now you have the opportunity to expand your contact list yes, of course, you will not be able to record the bright moments of life on the camera of your smartphone, but, for example, you can call your friends and not you will be reminded of these bright moments, hold the dewdrops 2 by the way, do not thank subscribe you know with the display and everything also turns out quite interesting.

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The f3 shelf is still a little steeper

I’m sure that many people will want to themselves because of the screens and x3 about now the inventory of the sizes of displays in smartphones is all identical everywhere there are panels for 6 6 7 inches with full hd resolution, plus the screens of all smartphones support a refresh rate of 120 hertz, although the display of the f3 shelf is still a little steeper because it has a touch reading frequency of three hundred and sixty hertz while the melody level is even about the butt x3 is only 240 I honestly didn’t notice the difference.

But what you can see with the naked eye is the color rendition because in smartphones the projectile has a different panel, but 10 pro and 3 rooms are AMOLED matrices and ax3 pro has already got an IP look at the pros and cons of each of the displays, I’m sure you know – so let’s go quickly and cleanly through the main m The only thing is that if you look at the screens but 10 under and f3 under such a special very sharp angle, then you can still notice a little of such greenery around the edges, there is still a look at smartphones under a human, then no distortion.

Flickering AMOLED display

But without the matrix x, 3 pros can even be called almost eaten and the only drawback is that it is still not so bright, but dad x3 does not have any tires at all, which I am sure users will really like about which flickering AMOLED display really affects and here I advise such people to stay away from the f3 shelf since only at half the brightness you can already get a flicker of 30 percent.

But 10 pro is much better with this and only at the minimum brightness you can get a high tire value, well, of course, such a useful thing is always on display only have but 10 about the eft era, such has such an extreme and so that you do not miss an important message by putting silt the notification indicator in the spoken speaker grid is not that it is better than always-on display, but at least something, and so you and I smoothly got to the 2 big differences between these smartphones, this processor is understandably the coolest in fun. comment it REDMI NOTE 10 PRO Chosen The Best Xiaomi.