POCO X3 GT and POCO F3 GT are OFFICIAL WILL BREAK THE QUALITY PRICE.ok many of you I know that you are already waiting for the official presentation of little efe 37 a magnificent phone with brutal specifications that if you do not know them we will see them throughout this video however this phone will not come alone and it will be accompanied by one of his brothers who the truth has also stood out a lot and is that Yao ming is not going to present them a phone he is going to present us two phones of the GP range.

We are going to know the bit of fetter is that you and with him, we are also going to know his brother the little x 37 both phones with brutal specifications and of course with a quality price that will break the market and at least in theory based on the information we have, the phones will be focused at least on the gaming sector and this We will see it throughout the specifications so we are going to start with the specifications of the poco x 37 and this phone would be incorporating a 6.6-inch screen sem, Unlike its predecessors, unfortunately.

This will continue to be LCD ips but we will keep the 120 hertz in this edition, also granting 243 in terms of the clear touch refresh rate, well delighted to have had an AMOLED screen for the first time on this phone but apparently this only It will be destined for the upper ranges although it is important to note that it would continue to preserve the full hd plus resolution and there is an important improvement and that is that previously we have seen that they have improved and made the jump from gorilla glass 5 gorilla classes and now.

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glass min 2, which is the best protection

We would jump to gorilla glass min 2, which is the best protection that currently exists to date, is a very important jump in front of the gorilla at 6 o’clock, so if we would have one of the most indestructible screens on the market so that we do not have to worry about falls or any kind of thing about our screen we will have one of the best protections and r ecubrimientos that we would have in the market also this terminal would be incorporating the MediaTek dimension 1100 a processor that if it is less than the dimension and 1200.

That would be the second-best processor on the market, however, it has very similar performance and the same as the dragon stand 870 and the best of everything is that it also gives us the possibility of incorporating 5g technologies so we will be in front of one of the best processors on the market and of course excellent performance and we would not have at any time to worry about obviously this would be an important leap compared to the little x 3 pros because if there is a performance improvement and apart.

We also make the jump to the technology without taking it, which was something that we cannot see in the range of the few x 3 also for the RAM we will be having versions of 6 and 8 gigabytes and we still keep the versions in lp ddr4 although the internal storage we will have versions of 128 and 256 gigs now if we eliminated the 64 gb versions we also stayed with fs 3.1 for fast storage since we remember that in the gt range it is focused on gaming at the moment the Chinese variant, unfortunately, does not include.

64-megapixel OmniVision sensor

What is the slot for the micro sd without However, we hope that this phone being focused on gaming, if we have the specialized tray independent of the dual sim that we would have, it looks like a phone and that we can also incorporate a micro sd without any problem at the photographic level, we would not take an important leap and that is that this phone would be incorporating a 64-megapixel OmniVision sensor and we will also have an 8-megapixel ultra-angular sensor accompanied by another 2-megapixel macro sensor the phone would keep in line with its previous brothers and?

We would have the fingerprint reader on the side and we would also have usb type separate the bottom to load the terminal however here Fri one of the best news for these phones is that they are incorporating 5000 milliamps and a little less than what we had previously but now we would jump to 67 watts of fast charging which would allow this phone to charge its battery from 0 to 100 in just 42 minutes and obviously because the charger will be included in the box so if.

We had one of the best technologies obviously this in the long term could reduce the battery life, however, it is excellent and we can use the charger that we We want Yao Ming because, in fact, they were all fully compatible, the phone will come from the factory with Android 11 and with a child in 12.5 and of course it will have its respective update to Android 12 and also a friend and 13 and it will be one of the first to be updated for being a recently launched phone important details to take into account and.

incorporate FM radio both versions

It is in the Chinese variant we do not have the 3.5 mm jack without em But that phone of them being focused on gaming because it should have it then if we hope that for the global variant that would be this little x37 if we have the 3.5 mm jack and we also incorporate FM radio both versions would incorporate nfc which is also very good news and good In terms of Wi-Fi navigation services, we would have the latest of the latest and having 5g technology because we also have all the bands to work without problems globally and.

What is going to happen in terms of price since apparently it will remain the same as in the previous generations and we are going to have to be little x3 that will have a price of 200 dollars a brutal price definitely for specifications for everything that will be incorporated although there are some cuts at the photographic level and in some other sections such as not giving us an AMOLED screen I think they are totally justifiable and you know that if you are buying a phone d e the gt range of little is because you are focused on EMI. After all, you want a phone with good performance and that the photographic section is important but it is not so we will have something quite decent.

We will not have the best of the best but it will be more than enough for the great Most of the situations, but first I like to invite you to subscribe to the notifications to be aware of everything and in the case of the little f3 that is what we are going to be having because they will keep the same processor both will have the dimension 1100 both will have exactly the same performance but there are some versions such as the screen, in this case we will have a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen, it is also 120 hertz and 240 in terms of the touch refresh rate which makes a difference important compared to the little x 37 however we will also be incorporating 5000 milliamps with 67 watts and at a photographic level we also have practically the same is the 64 megapixel sensor in dimension.