OnePlus Nord CE 5G Unboxing y Review EN ESPANOL Snapdragon

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Unboxing y Review EN ESPANOL Snapdragon
OnePlus Nord CE 5G Unboxing y Review EN ESPANOL Snapdragon


Introduction of OnePlus Nord CE 5G Unboxing y Review EN ESPANOL Snapdragon

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Unboxing y Review EN ESPANOL Snapdragon. last year the one plus north was launched incorporating inside the snapdragon 765 g two years of Android updates allowing it to reach android 12 a 64-inch AMOLED screen with 90 hertz a 4,115 milliamp battery with 30 watts of fast charge and The main sensor of 48 half pixels of the sun and then launched is to determine the one plus north 65 g inside incorporating the standard 750 g with two years of collisions android allows to reach Alejandro.

And grows with a 64-inch screen to wheel 90 Hertz 4,500 milliamps 30 watts of fast charge and a 64-megapixel OmniVision main sensor and as you can see they are very similar and even in some sections the 5g north is superior because in addition to that there is a difference of 100 dollars in terms of the price already that the Nord at the time its price for $ 399 while this phone is currently being offered for $ 299 but already in practice in It is really a better option, this terminal is a good phone, because.

We are going to start with a box and it is that inside the box we are going to find a case perspective that helps us to protect the mobile terminal and is very different from what we find In some other brands we will also find the same terminal and in the end, we will find the charger and the cable that will allow us to have the maximum allowed a charge of this phone which is 30 watts as for the phone we will have a line very similar to that of one plus north and is that.

aesthetics have improved drastically

It is built entirely in plastic and the design on the back is very similar, however, the aesthetics have improved drastically and the phone is incorporating a thickness of 7.9 millimeters and a thickness of only 170 grams in On the left side of the phone we will find the tray if we cannot incorporate two telephone companies but unfortunately, we will not be able to incorporate a micro sd in the lower part we will have the 3.5 mm jack and.

We will have the microphone and the respective speaker in addition to the usb port that will allow us to charge the mobile terminal, however, this will be usb 2.0 so we cannot use it to transmit content When we captured the design of the phone, we found that the buttons for some reason I think they are not very well accommodated, go they are minimal details, the truth is that here if they did not dedicate much and put the buttons where they could buy design the thickness and everything to make.

It is as aesthetic as possible but in the end, they don’t end but the most comfortable we go to the screen because we will have a 6.43-inch with 90 hertz and it is also being love and the truth is that both indoors and outdoors it looks pretty good We are not going to find any type of convenient and the viewing angles are very satisfactory also in terms of the preaching because they do not influence us. If it incorporates some type of protection on the screen, therefore, it is that we do not know.

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4500 milliamps and this battery is good

We incorporate any gorilla glass protection, go to 3 to 4 the fifth, therefore, it is that if you have to be a little careful at least with this mobile terminal also in That phone does not have any type of protection against water and dust but it is something more than expected in this price range with its battery I think this is one of the best hits of Guam plus and that is that we have 4500 milliamps and this battery is good for us to allow us to last all day without a problem and this same battery is the one that is being incorporated in practically all

It’s one plus device and it is more than effective and to have it so proven by the same company because we will have one of the best optimizations and it works wonderfully with The software that we currently have also incorporated 30 watts fast charging which allows us to charge the phone for only one hour and 15 minutes which It seems to be a quite acceptable time at the performance level because having the processor is dragon 750 g we have a score of 380 thousand points high and in terms of technologies.

We have fs 2.1 and lp ddr4 which are more than adequate technologies for this price range And well, with the optimization of oxygen it is the truth that we will have a very satisfactory experience at a general level the device in the launcher even in the management of traditional applications we are going to find one of the best experiences and that is that the phone moves perfectly at all times even to test some more demanding games because we realize that the phone does it without any problem.

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Android 12 and with the customization layer

It does not cost absolutely anything to execute a demanding title and then if having the alliance of one plus with some games such as call of duty because if it allows us to take advantage of the high refresh rate that this phone allows us at the software level, then in effect we will have the latest version of android that is android 12 and with the customization layer that is oxygen is that it has worked wonderfully and we have a large number of functions for that phone from duplicating applications to having some artificial intelligence options allow us to optimize the battery of our mobile phone and that.

It lasts longer over time and of course thanks to the updated policy that this range manages because we will have three years of updates, three of security support, and two of official android updates which will allow you to reach android 13 without problem this phone is incorporating the fingerprint reader inside the screen which seems quite good to me since it is a reader that works at all times I have not encountered any kind of problem, however, I think that the fingerprint reader in As for the location.

It is not very well positioned, I think that if it had put a little higher it would have a perfect location but it is literally almost at the end of the mobile phone which on some occasions can be complex however the operation is wonderful and I know the same with facial recognition it recognizes us and works at all times without any type of inconvenience the phone because thanks to its processor it incorporates 5g technology, therefore we will have all the bands to use it with that technology and also with traditional 4g networks and.

replicated with the Wi-standard. fi

We will have absolutely all the bands the same is replicated with the Wi-standard. fi that allows us to have the 5 gb Bluetooth 5.1 network we also have all the navigation services we also incorporate nfc radio FM and bold although unfortunately in that phone we have the absence of notification led that is practically already being forgotten by one plus and you the same with some functions that they only offer us in high-end phones where the side of their terminals as.

We have the possibility to mutate activated or even put the vibration in the real photographic mobile phone since we have a 64 megapixel main sensor signed by univision an ultra wide angle of 8 megapixels and a 2 megapixel black and white lens and the truth is that at the photographic level we find a more than expected result and that is that although in low light it will not do it quite well I think that when we have good lighting I think that the photography is quite decent I think it is at the level of the price at which it is being offered, however, it does not stand out and we do not expect a photograph very much at the height of what the best huawei ranges offer us. comment it OnePlus Nord CE 5G Unboxing y Review EN ESPANOL Snapdragon.