NOKIA XPRESSMUSIC iPhone of our childhood

NOKIA XPRESSMUSIC iPhone of our childhood
NOKIA XPRESSMUSIC iPhone of our childhood


Introduction of NOKIA XPRESSMUSIC iPhone of our childhood

NOKIA XPRESSMUSIC iPhone of our childhood. that even in 2020 it was me who was relatively compact, well, at least the phone stood out with a thickness of nine and nine millimeters and besides, it weighed 70 1 gram, which was definitely lighter than many other pipes and even despite all this compactness, Nokia placed on the edges everything you needed here and a headphone jack and a MicroUSB port for transferring files from a computer; separate jack for charging a volume rocker and a power button, and many smartphones of that time.

Were turned off and on with the help of a red selection button know Nokia went its own way, besides, this power button became such a sign analogous to switching modes like on an iphone, because the usual press opened the menu for selecting a sound profile and you could, for example, set silent, leave only vibration, or, for example, create your own, and in those days the style of everyone was about 1, this is a melody from a boomer or a brigade, you are all a thunderstorm of the sushi region prusik knows you.

I would not be surprised if you still have money in the shower of the brand. then the degree they even please the name of the village because to listen to the dog nude, you no longer needed to look for a player there or rummage through the folders in search of the desired track, just press the play button and the whole party starts, of course, now the wordplay, you know, sounds something like this, but I don’t know how a jacket before or a calendar sushi prusik in lefka is no longer funny to everything, the music player.

By the standards of 2021.

Itself was brought to the main screen so that the user always had access to his favorite track, so with a slight movement of his hand, any yard turned into a different turnover cove compete, but as for the study itself, I was surprised by the thread on By the standards of 2021, of course, the Nokia 5310 sounds through the speakers, God could have become and not as bad as I thought, that is, when I just took the phones out of the box that hour to tell, I expected that instead of music.

I would just listen to the metal rattle of a new turbo, everything turned out to be very good when it turned out that Finns know how to make not only saunas, the speakers themselves are two, even though there are three holes on the removable cover at the back I do not think that Nokia tried to deceive someone, they just did it for the sake of symmetry, if you didn’t want to deceive someone, for example, they didn’t put the charging in the kit, and then they would say that it’s for the sake of nature.

But let’s go back to the lid and you may think Krishna that placing the speakers in the back is stupid, because when you put the phone on the table, the sound will drown out but your legs and here outplayed everyone and made such small protrusions near the holes, they slightly raise the phone from the surface and thereby give space for sound now all your phone will not be during vibrations, travel around the table like an Olivier basin on New Year’s Eve, and you know this particular feature of the case, by the way, also shows the age of the phone.

either by a separate speaker

Because if we now look at modern smartphones, we will see that in most devices the speakers are already on the verge, moreover, in some of the speaker’s smartphones dua immediately and the role of the second is performed either by a separate speaker or by a spoken one well, it’s clear that they differ in quality, but that’s another conversation, and if you are looking for a phone with good sound, then go to the catalog, because with the help of a more convenient shiva filter, you will quickly find the necessary smartphone, for example, you can simply mark the music ones.

Then I will select not only phones with stereo sound but also with a dedicated audio chip, the link to the catalog will be in the description under the video, nevertheless, it was okay to listen to music on this smartphone, and it’s all to blame for the age of this smartphone, the fact is that at the feet and 53, of course, and received a standard connector of three and a half millimeters but the phone is not compatible since the time of the headset, more precisely, he himself together with together.

But not completely the problem is that if you just, for example, connect the headset to the phone, then immediately a message appears stating that the phone does not support these headphones, but if you put the pindown, then that’s it it will work well, of course, so you and your phone won’t look like fitting I don’t live in an Arman Jedi all the earphones will fall off right away, I’m not at the same age, I opened it appropriately, I sit down, it’s better to help them talk another time, it NOKIA XPRESSMUSIC iPhone of our childhood.

quality was influenced by a dedicated

If you sit and once again, as they say, do not pull the phone, to be honest, you can even enjoy listening to music on the Nokia 5310 for technical reasons, of course, I can’t let you listen to it, but believe me that the sound here is good, while I used a cheap headset for 20 bucks which could hardly improve the sound in any way and you know most likely the quality was influenced by a dedicated sound chip which was used in other XpressMusic models and also seems to be in the Nokia 57 20 and in general 2007 this phone was also praised for the sound in the headphones.

Even some journalists wrote that it is better here than even sony Ericsson wolf to the whole user they still leave an equalizer in which you can it was to choose one of several percent for the sound, or, for example, to adjust the sound yourself, nevertheless, age those telephone and it is felt not only in terms of sound but also in terms of assembly, for example, the lid here is a removable case is not monolithic and even quite large gaps between the lid and granite are visible.

That there is almost no backlash and the smartphone does not squeak under pressure, so for this Nokia engineers get a like from me for serving before they spoke in the two-thousandth respect, but the second such noticeable element on the back cover is a 2-megapixel camera, but I’ll tell you about its capabilities a little later summer end of the school year graduation at the end you can do what you have long dreamed of getting drunk with a trudovik to fill the face of a physical education teacher behind the school and kiss a young geographer aspirated.

Table don’t bl agodari subscribe

I will say so do not try to do it in a whisper I will say about such a crazy dad the rest and you shame the child don’t need to calmly plug in the headphones turn on my reviewer sit yourself and have fun at the table don’t bl agodari subscribe and so we will continue so under the cover of Nokia hid separate slots for a SIM card and memory card and also the battery itself, besides, I got the phone from the original blocks and you know even though the Finns wrote on the cover how to get this battery do it with my own hands.

I want to have a rather difficult effect, you know, for such a battery, some kind of mini-jack must be included in the kit because it is contagious, it adheres very tightly to the body and you have to use some thin object to pry off this block, nevertheless, to replace a SIM card or, for example, a card there There is no need to remove the battery from memory, so I think it’s not a big loss, but what brought me to such a small stupor is the local keyboards.

Because I’m so used to the modern virtual comfortable keyboard for a new smartphone and even forgot how to use this keyboard cm guy with an extended finger do not know half an hour and the first with settled in front of the intercom, nevertheless, then my hands remembered even you know a couple of lines to write it turned out, but we have to admit that you don’t want to use such a keyboard in 2021, well, at least because we began to communicate more through a message about typing on such a keyboard.

spoiled me, but otherwise, in general.

But this is very inconvenient in that By the way, and because of this small 2-inch display, this is essentially the main reason why such phones are called Komi called with them it is really convenient only to call and when it comes to typing, watching the video and the rest, it becomes uncomfortable you know the feeling as if I I’m not looking at the display, I’ll look through the peephole in which it can be seen, although you most likely know this, modern smartphones with large displays have spoiled me, but otherwise, in general.

The Nokia 5310 smartphone works quite fast, of course, there are a couple, but about them a little later and as an ordinary user I can say that the application opened it pretty quickly and the games work fine, you know if they gave me such a smartphone to the eighth grade, then I went out into the street only in the ninth grade, you can play on it as a test, I launched the same gish and you know the flight is normal to play on such a screen and even with the help of the keyboard, of course not very convenient.

But if you get the hang of it, it will come off, besides, the game itself is not buggy, which is directly pleasing considering that the Nokia 5310 is far from the most powerful phone of that time, now, of course, you can be very surprised, but even then there were synthetic tests for smartphones and one of these was the benchmark jack 2 in which Nokia 5310 scored about 300 points at the same time, Sony Ericsson 910 scored 1064 points for a second because good flour performance is in some way even a miracle I sit, you know, there are a couple of those, but firstly, the smartphone works with the transmission for very long time files in the hut.

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storage there are only 3 6 megabytes

That is, if I, for example, want to record a music album on some kind of Xiaomi, then oh it will be fully loaded in a minute, but the same only on one track, spend it twenty to thirty seconds secondly this phone does not work with large memory cards of its storage there are only 3 6 megabytes of which users leave only 28 so that the external drive is ok all the same For some reason, modern cards on this smartphone did not want to start, or I came across a phone with a broken card reader, or just a modern format is not supported, although for users in 2007.

This was not a problem, because the files are only less weight there, and even in the kit still had a 2-gigabyte sd card in those years, it turned out that it would be enough for retirement, as it is for sure, but I only got the phone itself and the charge when it is not rich in the complete set, even to find such a night in good condition in 2021, this is already lucky that I consider it a sin to complain, although you know, it’s a pity that I didn’t get a branded headset here that was but with this phone it went in the kit and didn’t get it.

But if you are wondering whether Nokia smartphones actually hold the battery for a long time, then I’ll tell you right away and even in the most prolonged Mexican series, it keeps the intrigue less than mine holds the battery, but you should understand that the battery here is 860 milliampere hours and, in fact, a long operating time is because there is simply nothing to discharge the screen here is small, and even with a low resolution, the processor is weak even for that time, and besides.

screenshots from the game Minecraft

The phone itself goes off after a minute of lying on the table to Russia as you are on our last corporate party makes no sense for you to talk, you still won’t remember, and so that’s how we slowly got to the long-awaited test of cameras and I don’t know what you were waiting for, but with a photo, the phone is not like this, it’s not screenshots from the game Minecraft, don’t think this is real photo frames it turns out well, not that terrible, but in 2021 even the most budgetary state employees, I think, show themselves better, yet I do not try I criticize the 14-year-old leg.

I just want to show how much technology has stepped forward that even cheap smartphones can now easily cover all needs, the user will find out on the other hand, with such a phone, you calmly lost, for example, such a phone with your intimate photos all night long to relax and forget everything anyway, no one identifies you by those photographs, and for example, how the horror of a modern android phone takes pictures for the same 230 euros that at one time asked for the Nokia 5310.

point in using the Nokia 5310 in 2021

But for people with specific tastes and even recorded a camera test hello 2007 just like that saw the people of the world around them in 2007, other roles, you kind of understand that there is no point in using the Nokia 5310 in 2021 at all, I don’t know unless you are going on a hike and you need a device that will not mind being broken and you know how this phone most likely evokes some kind of skill or nostalgia because it is personified it is the era in which it was created and for the time that it was an excellent handset because.

It allowed you to write calls to go online to take pictures and then it is clear that modern smartphones can do much more, but phones like the Nokia 5310 have their own special charm because of which we always remember they are from how warm you are, nostalgic, such a floor and glades 4 daish trinity now you will flood the whole studio here with your tears, stop I’m vulnerable, you are ours or you drank, but if you want to continue to be nostalgic, be sure to take a look here is this video about cool portable very popular consoles from sony which also gave us a lot of cool memories and most importantly remember all the most interesting boxes.comment it NOKIA XPRESSMUSIC iPhone of our childhood.

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