LITTLE X3 GT is OFFICIAL IT HAS NO RIVAL. The new poco x 37 has been officially presented, it will cost in your country, however, the specifications of the phone are as follows on the screen we will have a 6.6-inch with resolution full hd plus and this will be IPS LCD and the best of all is that we will have 120 hertz on the screen as in their brothers who have also had this same Also in terms of protection we will be incorporating gorilla glass victus which is the best protection we currently have for the screens surpassing.

It riera glass 6 and gorilla glass five which have been quite good protections quite decent however with gorilla glass victus we will be more so not have no problem at any time this device has all the audio certifications for a game phone and we are talking about having inside speakers signed by JBL and in this case, we will have dual at the top and the bottom for having brutal audio we also find hardware certifications are audio and two of both to be able to listen to the audio with the best possible fidelity on the phone.

We will also be incorporating two microphones so that we can also make high-quality calls and in terms of performance we are going to have the best of the best and it is that this léfono is incorporating the MediaTek dimension and 1100 a processor that is lower than getting me in 6,200 but that will give us a brutal score in the tutu since in the combination with 8 gb of ram it is making the ep ddr4 and storage or fs 3.1 of 128 gigabytes give us a score of 677 thousand points in adults which is an amazing score and being at the level of practically any high-end phone so yes despite the fact.

incorporate facial recognition by configuring

That this phone is being offered for a mid-range price, nothing of mid-range because the phone will be incorporating definitely brutal fingerprint reader hardware will remain the same as in the line of its predecessors we will have this fingerprint reader on the side that will be more than efficient and we can also incorporate facial recognition by configuring Within the security options of the mobile phone, this phone.

As it is intended for the gaming sector, will be in incorporating cooling inside to keep the processor temperatures as efficient as possible we have already seen that this scheme has worked quite well in Jaume’s phones where it incorporates cooling precisely so that in certain situations the temperatures are maintained correctly, therefore it is that the phone will maintain an aesthetic a little less and less than.

What it would offer us in other phones as the little effect since the phone will have a specific weight of 193 grams and a thickness of 89 millimeters that despite all of them are very good dimensions and obviously inside the box we are going to be incorporating everything that we would like to incorporate in a case, the respective charger with the maximum allowed load and we will talk about that later because this charger is 67 watts and is one of the improvements that we have compared to previous generations and of course it is advisable to use.

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The previous generation Yao ming.

It is certain if In particular, although if you have a 33-watt charger from the previous generation Yao ming, I recommend that you use it regularly so that you can extend the battery life, although the 67-watt will be more than efficient at the moment. to the battery because we are incorporating a huge 5000 milliamp and of course it will last us all day without any inconvenience and as it is incorporating its 67-watt load, we are talking about a definitely brutal phone and an important improvement compared to previous generations including.

The version of poco x 3 pros the phone unfortunately if it is focused on a different line and that is that although if we have nfc in that phone we do not have a 3.5 mm audio jack, which is why despite being a phone focused on gaming Well, we will not be able to connect any type of strain, you are the same with the MicroSD slot, there is no such thing. We will be able to incorporate two telephone companies and ready, we will also not have FM radio in case this is very important for you because.

We will not have it, however, we will have volte technology to be able to use high-quality calls in terms of other technologies We are incorporating 5.2, which is the latest version that we currently have available, which is why we will have super-efficient connections and in terms of Wi-Fi connectivity, unfortunately, we still stayed with the standard, we have not yet had Wi-Fi 6, it is a small detail but obviously for his price and the type of phone I think we are at a fairly suitable point when browsing services because we are incorporating absolutely everything.

Downloading them to the photographic

We will not have to worry in this regard and the same happens with the bands, both the 5g bands and the 4g bands. will allow you to use the phone globally without any kind of pro The problem with any company will not have to worry about instead of downloading them to the photographic section and here we will be incorporating a 64-megapixel main sensor signed by OmniVision this we have already seen the photographic result and unfortunately if it is a little below what we could wait.

However, because by incorporating a media processor you have the possibility that we can install a cam ship that can give the possibility of increasing the photographic and video quality of these phones, we doubt it a lot due to the sensor that is not suitable either. the most common firms such as Samsung or sony yes not for Anne better quality sensors but obviously due to the pressure for the rest of the specifications that this terminal has, it will not be intended at the photographic level, therefore.

It is that if you are looking for something better In that sense, I would recommend other phones such as the range of the red min 10 with me now 10 pro, which is They are more focused on this sector and of course at the performance level they do not do it anything else either, this sensor is accompanied by another two an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens, those will also give us quite decent results, quite outstanding and They are more than proven since.

16-megapixel sensor with a 2.5 focal

We have seen these sensors and this set within several Shawn phones that is also good thanks to this sensor and its processor because if they allow us to record video in 4k without any inconvenience that is why it is It will also not be any impediment at the south level and we will have a 16-megapixel sensor with a 2.5 focal length and a 120-degree wide-angle which will give us a decent enough angle of view to take pictures with a good group of friends and not have major complications either. the software phone will be factory incorporating android 11 if.

We will still be incorporating mine and 12.5 to 1 and 3 per or obviously you will have your authorization of android 12 and friend and 13 and it will be one of the first phones successes 3 do not worry also about some other details that I understand that many others care about the white line certification lone that we It allows you to reproduce content from digital platforms in high quality if you have it.

We will be able to reproduce it, do not worry also because if you are incorporating google services so we will also have it, you can thor we will have everything traditional that we have seen in Xiaomi on other phones because we will have them incorporated in this magnificent phone I, of course, the price as.