Jio Phone 3 Price in India: Revealed


What is Jio Phone 3?

Jio Phone 3  is the latest phone launched by Reliance Jio. It is the successor of the previous JIo Phone and Jio phone 2. Jio Phone was anticipated to be released in 2019 at Reliance’s Annual General meeting. It was finally announced after 2 years 2021. Jio Phone 3 was named as Jio Phone Next

JIO Phone 3 offered a huge upgrade over Jio phone 2. The Upcoming handset will come with a new design and an upgraded camera while retaining the affordable price tag that made its predecessors such a hit among first-time mobile users in India. It is in a fully-featured smartphone, in which all the applications of Google and Jio will be present. At the same time, users will also be able to access Android’s Playstore and use all Android apps.

Features of the new Jio phone

Jio PHone next is expected to have a 4.5inch Full-screen display. We may see the 2 versions 2/16Gb Ram and Storage and 3/32GB ram and storage. This phone Will support all the Jio apps and Google Apps. Jio Phone 3 will Run on Android 11 and will have a battery of 2500Mah. JIo phone next is expected to launch with a rear camera of 13Mp and a front camera of 8mp. JioPhone Next may come with 4G VoLTE support and have dual-SIM support.  It is going to be the most value for money Phone from Reliance Jio.

Jio Phone 3 Launch Date –

JioPhone 3 was first rumored to launch in 2020 at the Reliance Annual General meeting. While It is not yet clear when the device will be released but several reports suggest that the Next JIo Phone 3 was announced in June. The First sale of the is expected to be on 10th September.

The first Jiophone and jio phone 2 were focused on the idea of Mukesh Ambani’s affordable Internet and phone. The launch of Jio Phone 3 is the next step in this series. Fans are waiting for the release, While there is some time in the phone release but the hype and demand of the phone are already on the top.

How to register for Jio phone Next?

Depending upon the demand jio might start a registration process for the customers to buy the phone. There were many registration processes for jio sim and jio phones in the past. Considering the hype for the jio phone Next, there may be a registration for the jio phone next as well.

How to Book Jio Phone Next?

If there is registration for the jio phone 3. Users can register their jio phone 3 through the jio portal and wait for their turn to book the phone. Online booking for Jio phone could start 1 week prior to its release in the market.

How to book  Jio Phone 3 from an online store?

To book the Jio Phone Next online, Users may go to the reliance official website. The  Jio Phone Next will also be available on Flipkart and Amazon. They can buy them through these websites once the Phone is released. You can also buy the phone through the jio portal and MyJio App.

How to buy  Jio Phone 3  in offline stores?

Jio Phone will be available offline in the Reliance Digital Store. People can also buy the Jio phone Next in the selected outlets and official Jio store.

JIO Phone 3 price in India

Jio phone 3 could be priced at 3499rs. There are many speculations about the jio phone price. Many reports suggest that the phone will carry forward affordable mobile series. Starting at just 3499 will create a huge demand for the phone so phone 3 might also come with extra benefits such as free unlimited internet connection and unlimited calling for 2 years just like its precedents.

Jio provides a separate internet plan for the jio phones which is way cheaper than the regular internet plans. Jio phone 1 on the launch was priced at 1999rs with 2 years of free internet and calling. The jio phone 2 was priced at 2999rs with unlimited internet and calling to the 2 years. While jio phone is priced at 3499rs jio might add more features to make it a value for money phone.

Why should you buy the new Jio Phone?

Jio Phone is focused on entry-level phones users. It aims to provide a value for money, efficient mobile phone to the user. Jio Phones series has always been affordable. Jio-Google’s Android-based smartphone JioPhone-Next will prove to be a game-changer. It can change the lives of 300 million people who still have 2G mobile sets in their hands. On the basis of fast speed, good operating system, and affordable price, the new smartphone of Jio-Google can fill Reliance Jio’s bag with crores of new customers


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