How to Turn Off 5G Apple iPhone 12 Mini and iOS?


If you have an  Apple iPhone 12 Mini and you want to know how to turn off 5G on Apple iPhone 12 Mini or ios, you are at the right place. Apple iPhone 12 Mini was the first iPhone from apple with a 5G connection. They become an instant hit within the first 2 weeks of release capturing 25% market shares of 5G phones. Here in this article, we will provide a detailed step-by-step way of Switching the 5G on the Apple iPhone 12 Mini or ios. 

How to turn off 5G on Apple iPhone 12 Mini?

Step 1 – Click on the Setting icon to Open setting

Step 2 – Go to the Cellular option

Step 3 – Open Cellular Data Option

Step 4 – Open Voice and Data

Step 5 – Select LTE

Selecting LTE will disable 5G in iPhone and put LTE i.e. 4G network connection in the phone. For further optimization of  battery life and lower data usage, you can follow few more steps

Step 6 – Go back to Cellular Data Option

Step 7 – Click on Data mode and then Select Standard or Low Data mode as per your usage.

How to turn on 5G in Apple iPhone 12 Mini?

To switch on 5G in iPhone or ios, Simply follow the steps above to Step 5 and then Select the 5G auto or 5G on. Then follow Step 6 and select the Add more data on 5G. Switch on 5G only when you are a 5G coverage area. Switching 5G use a lot of battery and drain the battery very quickly.

Should You Disable 5G in Apple iPhone 12 Mini?

It is advisable to disable 5G when you are not in the 5G coverage area. Switching off 5G allows the bigger and better battery life on the Apple iPhone 12 Mini. It keeps the battery life longer and steady. So, To increase the phone’s battery life it’s better to keep the Phone’s 5G switch off.

With the 5G feature, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max allowed users with faster internet connection. but there is a problem, the 5G connection is not everywhere yet, and switching it on had a big draining issue on the battery. To optimize the Apple iPhone 12 Mini’s battery many people are now switching it off.