How To Easily Increase Memory On Android

How To Easily Increase Memory On Android
How To Easily Increase Memory On Android


Introduction of How To Easily Increase Memory On Android

How To Easily Increase Memory On Android How To Easily Increase Memory On Android. it is accepted to call a visa, in fact, this is a kind of memory that allows you to store the application installed on your smartphone their application music pictures files operating systems yes, that’s why after the first turn on of the device, the built-in storage is always less than the declared one, well, somewhere the developers need to store the firmware, in other words, you sound it physical memory of your smartphone and there are many different ways to increase and let’s start the simplest and no matter how trite.

It sounds, but first of all, friends should delete the device of the program that you do not use, and in most cases, this is done quite simply, just hold down the desired application icon and hold it until the top the inscription will not appear, or the icon will not appear, drag the icon on it, release it and confirm your childbirth action, you know this method does not work with all programs, for example, with preinstalled programs, complexity may appear and now I will explain to you why the complexity may appear.

It is the main thing that needs to be done with it, and that’s all the fact is that the manufacturers do not allow you to delete such applications from the smartphone, but at the same time they allow you to disable them and to do this you just need to go to the settings in the application section, select the program that interferes with you or you just do not need to and press disable and after this action the smartphone will reset the application to my first version, yes, it will remain the device’s memory, but.

Few gigabytes, in general

It will weigh much less to everything disabled and the program will not finally be displayed in the menu or there it agreed on the desktop, so it’s impossible with people yes, the base pressed the button and you 520 well, yes, I agree that there is no such button if now it seems to you that it is somehow so simple or banal the date is not in a hurry, there are still many interesting tips waiting for you, and thanks to the next one I advise these are the general ones you can easily delete at least a few gigabytes, in general, it is surprising that people do not know about it by the way prusik filed by SteelSeries about their 7 days, what does it mean and what I want to brag about in front of people.

By the way, it also has a body made of aircraft-grade aluminum that does not have a button with a quick response, and there is also a magnet on a soft, such a wrist rest is shorter now I will drag it in the zone like God and by the way, The coolest thing is that there is also a faucet on which you can, for example, display any useful information there rmation and also a slider for changing the volume in short everything is at hand and now I do not have to run around the windows during the game. take up useful space, for example, take a telegraph skill.

They might not have known it was saving a lot of data in the smartphone’s memory, like there are different pictures of videos that you watched and also an audio message jive animation well, in short, and much more, as a result, unnoticed for you, the most important thing is something that can in a couple of months, files will be saved for several gigabytes, and finally, it is already full of Orthodox and festive ones, which are open, which mother-in-law and mother sent to the current impressive there is nothing to do in retirement and to get rid of all this.

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The smartphone will breathe a sigh of relief

It means to open the conductor at the root of your memory find the folder with the name of telegrams and now in it, you already delete everything indiscriminately, of course, over time, there is again all the deputy oyster with new files, well, at least for some period of time, you can free up several gigabytes of free space on your smartphone for quality, the smartphone will breathe a sigh of relief, by the way, as an option you can also delete the telegram cache through the application itself, for this, go to the messenger settings in the given section and click the memory usage item and clear the cache by the way, after such an action, all files will be deleted from the phone’s memory.

But at the same time, they will remain in the telegram cloud, so you can always if you need to come back with it and by the way, these residual files are bred not only by messengers but also other applications, the truth is, to clean them, you already need to use special software and now I will tell you exactly what kind of vodka the neighbors went to the dacha before they asked you to look after their baby well so do not worry you about the recession take you to relax on watch my videos, distract yourself as nothing is scary, especially since this kid is already 15 years old if he comes to you, it will smell of cigarettes and beer, let everything do its job normally do not thank subscribe so we will continue so to clear the device of various junk files there, use the optimizer and memory while users, for example, Xiaomi smartphones, do not even have to download anything separately.

Because the Chinese have already thought for you and installed such utilities by default, if you have a stupid optimizer, for example, there is no problem for you in google play, and to be honest, for the most part, cases, they are all similar to each other and in fact, just helps to get rid of unnecessary garbage on the smartphone, but also as a bonus, these utilities can extend the life of the battery and speed up the operation of the system itself in general, so for your smartphone, these optimizers are like almost under your eyes after stormy 5 really helps sushi with them ha, in short, you take the program that, for example, you like more by the interface or an example in which there are more functions from the by the way popular.

Internal memory of your smartphone

I can advise sisi cleaner total wedge or also uaz wedge do not worry all these applications have a pretty high google play rating as well as good reviews but the next one is the way to literally expand the memory on your smartphone, besides, you don’t have to delete anything, but we’ll talk about external drives and how a defender can increase the internal memory of your smartphone, of course, I know that not all devices now have a slot for memory cards but don’t worry I have a way out for such devices, but about him a little later sushi us, he lived these five years, he repeated every evening I want you to not react in any way, but right now you will wait.

So if your smartphone still supports micro from this, be sure to find out which one before buying a card it is the amount of memory that your smartphone can support. the manufacturer writes the formation in the characteristics of the smartphone, and when you have already figured out this issue, you can already proceed directly to the choice of the card itself, and the first thing before buying it is necessary to decide on the micro sd class, the fact is that all cards are divided into classes and the class denotes the write speed of you like a weasel memory to listen to what it was hovering for $ 200 it doesn’t mean, but you have to share it, for example, 6.

With gadgets, select memory cards

It means that grade 6 with a write speed of 6 megabytes per second and 10 means that from 10 megabytes per second that is what it turns out the higher the memory class, the faster the smartphone will work with it, and from personal experience I can say that you need to take at least grade 10 cards, and judging by the way from the catalog, they are not so expensive, so we go to the section with gadgets, select memory cards, set the speed from 10 megabytes per second and.

We look at what they cost a penny, you still know so as not to make a mistake with the choice and once again do not starve To start, we put a filter by popularity and choose the most top-end option in our case, it’s samsung, and even if, of course , they don’t always succeed with smartphones, but they have great memory cards with nicknames, and reviews of real users confirm this, so the matter further remains to us with rubble choose just the amount of memory you need and I advise you to take 128 gigabytes right away in order to agree not to worry about free space once again, by the way. comment it How To Easily Increase Memory On Android.

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