How to Buy the Jio Phone Next aka Jio Phone 3 | Latest Update 2022


A big announcement has been made at the 44th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries. Mukesh Ambani has now announced Jio’s smartphone after the Jio network. Now Jio’s JioPhone Next 4G smartphone has been launched, it has been developed with Google.

After a long wait, Reliance has gifted a new phone to its customers. Jio’s new phone has been named as Jio Phone Next, which was launched today by Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani at the RIL AGM 2022.

Jio Phone Next is a smartphone that has been launched in partnership with Google. Mukesh Ambani has described Jio Phone Next as the best and most affordable 4G smartphone in the world. The sale of Jio Phone Next phone will be from 10 September 2022 on the special occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

How to buy Jio Phone Next?

(Jio phone Next online bookings)

After its release on 10th sept 2022, the Jio phone next will be available in many offline and online stores. You will able to buy the jio phone Next through the Jio portal. Jio Phone 3 will also be available at many online through flash sale in starting.

Reliance Digital store will be the official offline store for the jio phone Next. Both jio phone 1 and Jio phone 2 were sold on these platforms. The Next Jiophone  might follow the same pattern after its release.

Jio phones are also widely sold through online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart. User can book their phone through these websites and get it delivered to them. There are many offers for the user for extra benefit.

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How to register for Jio phone Next?

Depending upon the demand jio might start a registration process for the customers to buy the phone. There were many registration processes for jio sim and jio phones in the past. Considering the hype for the jio phone Next, there may be a registration for the jio phone next as well.

How to Book Jio Phone Next?

If there is registration for the jio phone 3. Users can register their jio phone 3 through the jio portal and wait for their turn to book the phone. Online booking for Jio phone could start 1 week prior to its release in the market.

JIOPhone Next Features

JIOPHONE NEXT is specially designed for the Indian markets.

It is in a fully-featured smartphone, in which all the applications of Google and Jio will be present. At the same time, users will also be able to access Android’s Playstore and use all Android apps.

– This smartphone is powered by an optimized Android operating system.

It has features like a voice assistant, an automatic read-aloud feature of screen text, language translation, smart camera with augmented reality filters.

Next Jio Phone Price

The prices of JioPhone-Next have not been disclosed. Experts believe that its price will be kept very low. Jio-Google’s Android-based smartphone JioPhone-Next will prove to be a game-changer. It can change the lives of 300 million people who still have 2G mobile sets in their hands. On the basis of fast speed, good operating system, and affordable price, the new smartphone of Jio-Google can fill Reliance Jio’s bag with crores of new customers.