How dangerous is 5G for birds?

How dangerous is 5G for birds


How dangerous is 5G for birds?

5G is the next generation of wireless networks that will allow for faster and more reliable connections. But, it’s not without its share of controversy. One question on everyone’s mind is how dangerous 5G will be for birds? Many people are worried about the health effects of this new technology on wildlife. For example, 5G can cause interference with bird migration patterns or disrupt mating habits by reducing their ability to communicate with other birds. This blog post discusses if we should worry about these negative comments and what steps you can take to protect them!

Birds have been around for a long time, but some say, they may not be around as much in the future. The newest wireless technology, 5G, is being installed all over the world and there are some concerns about how it will affect birds.

As more people use their new smartphones without WiFi to connect to this faster network, we’re going to see an increase in microwave radiation from these devices. But are these radiations harmful to birds?

Birds can be affected by wave radiations in two ways i.e. hearing and vision. 

Birds can hear and are sensitive to sounds of frequency between 1-4 kHz. No species of birds has ever shown any sensitivity to ultrasonic frequency (>20 kHz).

The sound intensity that can cause damage, varies on species of birds. No study has ever shown any harm to birds from wave radiations of 10 MHz & above. Having understood this, let’s understand mobile radiations.

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4G mobile frequencies fall between 900 MHz to 2300 MHz. High band 5G uses a frequency between 25GHz- 39GHz which is at the bottom of the millimeter-wave band. As you can see in the diagram where does the bird sits on the wave spectrum as compared to the mobile networks. 5G frequency is microwave frequency (3GHz-30GHz) which potentially cannot cause any harmful effects on the birds.

Why people are protesting, if 5G Radio Waves Do Not Kill Birds?

There is a very fine difference between a healthy skeptism of new technology and a false narration of a story. Very often, in the world of social media, this line gets diluted. This “5G Kills Birds” story was planted by John Kohles, who runs a website of fact-checking. Moreover, he runs several 5G conspiracy websites, social media groups, and anti 5G campaigns. His story was picked up by a news outlet and few magazines.

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Since then, On several occasions, many biophysicists including Joe Kirschvink have denied this 5G conspiracy theories but it still floats on many social media groups.

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The internet is a vast and powerful place. It can be used for good or evil, depending on who’s in charge of the narrative. When it comes to 5G technology, there are some people that want you to believe that this new innovation will kill birds. we have yet to see any evidence showing how exactly these radio waves might cause harm to animals