Do we feel electric shocks by touching other person or a surface because of 5G radiations/towers?


We feel a slight electric shock when we touch anything that is electrically charged as a result of something called static current.

Now the question is, can 5G radiations produce so much static charge on the surface of any object that we can get electric shock by touching it?

The answer is No. 5G radiations from mobile towers are not so powerful that they can charge any surface near it.

So, why do we get a slight electric shock when we touch anything?

Let’s understand this. How do objects like doorknobs, chairs, or woolen clothes get static charge on them? & then we will see why 5G radiations cannot produce this?

We will get into a bit of physics, so stay with me. We all know that all elements in the world are made up of atoms. Everything you see around has atoms at its very core which cannot be seen by our naked eyes. Atoms are made up of fundamental particles called positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons, and neutrons which are neutral.

When any object or body gains extra electrons, it gets negatively charged. The electrons stay on the surface and whenever they get in contact with any positively charged body. It gets attracted and jumps on the positively charged body releasing the energy in the air when neutralizes. This energy is visible as an electric spark. The shock that we feel sometimes is the result of this quick movement of electrons.

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Does weather has any role in it?

Yes absolutely, we tend to accumulate the electrons mostly in winters and when the weather is very humid. The electrons do not stay on our body forever as soon as they get any positively charged object, it escapes giving a spark.

What are 5G radiations?

High band 5G uses a frequency between 25GHz- 39GHz which is at the bottom of the millimeter-wave band. The frequency of the microwave oven at our home is almost the same as of 5G radiations from the mobile tower. So, why don’t we get cooked like the chicken in the microwave?

It’s because of the energy of the radiation. The radiation in the microwave is very powerful which produces sufficient heat to cook the food. But the 5G radiations from the mobile towers are very weak and do not cause any damage to us.

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So, why can’t we get electric shocks by touching another person or a surface because of 5g radiations/towers?

5G radiowaves do not have sufficient energy to electrically charge the body. It’s because of the weak energy, less power & very high frequency of the 5G radiations, it doesn’t even travel very far.

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