DO NOT BUY THESE SMARTPHONES 2021. I don’t know you can scare naughty children rather this is the same device which is definitely not worth your attention and the day and the reasons here are 2 firstly, updating the real-time line as the physical form of my operator rus is harmless to know very little and all, because the improvement in real mi-8 pro compared to Sempra, is at least enough to just compare the characteristics of smartphones and you will see everything too with a tension of 720 g super AMOLED display and even a bar.

It remained so true if the real missions about supported charging up to 65 watts, then here’s the 8 pro limit of only 50 that’s generally of course strange, I thought that the update is when it improves well, not the other way around, the only hdi realme really changed something so in terms of the camera that’s just judging by the tests, this 7 pro takes pictures about the same, if not even better in appearance, and even these additional filters the ability to even make a time-lapse with a starry sky on 8 pro does not really change anything.

Since these toys can be said just for a couple of evenings, but then you can already play the game, buy a real 8 pro from me at least someone well, and the second reason is the price of a real mi-8 skip and cheaper than the same redmi laptop 10 pros by $ 20, but the price-quality ratio is still higher for the Xiaomi redmi smartphone to and the processor is more powerful and the screen is more interesting, and the camera shoots better despite the similar characteristics, so if you choose between these two, then I think.

Bypass the tenth road

It’s better to overpay 20 b aks well if you just want realme, then it’s better to take it, I think already realme 7 pro, then it costs less and in fact, you will get everything the same, but the next smartphone, I generally advise you to bypass the tenth road, even if you are a fan of this company, but before to tell you what kind of smartphone it is, I want to recommend you the educational platform geek brains, they are not particularly to share smartphones, but they will definitely help you master one of the most demanded professions for the next 5 years, namely web developers.

You will become a popular specialist who will be in demand on the market, while You can start training completely free of charge thanks to the online webinar, which will be especially useful for beginners in development, as part of the course, you will learn how to create websites and work with HTML and CSS markup languages, but specialists from top companies with more than 5 years of experience will teach this, so you will really get important and useful knowledge and the coolest thing is.

That at the end here is e That is, for a free intensive, you will receive a certificate of completion of the training, therefore, be sure to follow the first link in the description and register for the next free webinar web development for beginners, they are held regularly so that you can go through it at a convenient time for you all the details of the registration link can be found in the description under this video, so let’s continue so here is the galaxy a 52 smartphone, on the one hand, we can say that this is a pretty good smart factor.

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A smallest drawback of a52 is its process

It has an interesting design and a quite good camera, but still, the number of disadvantages greatly exceeds the number of advantages, it is because of this that this smartphone turned out to be in the anti top and the smallest drawback of a52 is its process, the fact is that the smartphone has a quite good 720 jay, but for a price of $ 350, I think that this is rather weak, especially when some competitors already have 732 jack installed, admit of course the difference between them is small but we are talking about a budget chip oh, so even the minimum increase is already good, but yes.

I’ll give you my friends, but if suddenly youtube asks you to take a survey and rate our video, then do not pass by leave 5 stars and write your answer this will greatly help the development of our channel and will allow us to release more new ones interesting so back to our serious patient galaxy a 50 g, however, you know everything that I said before that these are still flowers in a huge front garden of problems and one of the most important is poor system optimization at first the smartphone works fine and the first week, in general, you can even say it flies.

But over time there are more and more small glitches and slowdowns, remembering heavy games, and even in simple applications like the same youtube, I can even imagine scary what would happen if the phone just got stuck in my room, it’s not some model in a swimsuit because horseradish will prove that there is no fault and the optimization of the firmware, I know you are now saying that this is often pr comes from an android smartphone not destined to galaxy a lawyer’s office quickly.

PWM in the region of 50 percent

It is nasty to everything else Samsung decided to save money and sleep on the display, do not worry, they install it, but what viewing angles it has normal but even at maximum brightness AMOLED the smartphone screen shows a PWM in the region of 50 percent an if you reduce the brightness to about the middle, then the value goes completely behind the salt than only a very cheap smartphone usually sin, although I think the price tag for a52 Samsung is big, especially compared to a competitor.

And at the same time, the angle and myself 52 do not have a full-fledged stereo in the kit you will only get 15 watts of charge, and all users of this miracle will still have to put up with a slow fingerprint scanner, so take the galaxy a 52, the nurse will do herself well like the next smartphone, which can be called by us over the most serious failure of apple in the last couple I know it sounds loud for years, especially considering that every smartphone from a company ii apple is so-called after the presentation, nevertheless, despite criticism aside from the same iphone12, this is a pretty good smartphone that is already selling well.

But the 2020 siphon is far from so and the most offensive is that many have been waiting for this smartphone since 1 iphone I was quite successful and even found my fans, but this one not only did not find it, and lost those who were waiting for him, but all because since the 2020 version of the year apple has made many mistakes and the first of them is the body, the thing is that Yabloko took for new from I shell from iphone you no this is not the worst design about in 2020 it looks but I think it is rather poor.

But in 2021 and 47 inches nude

Especially when even Chinese state employees flaunt a thin frame and actually from the form factor and the second problem follows this small display listen, forgive me steve jobs but in 2021 and 47 inches nude, but this is very small, just because we most often consume content from a smartphone, and most likely even this video you are now looking from a mobile phone low on or even at the bottom of the tablet, and besides, playing on small screens is also very inconvenient because, in 2021, a smartphone with a large display is just necessary.

At least you know all the same I will take a couple of stones from this apple orchard and for the sake of honesty I will say that with e 2020 turned out to be quite a manufacturer since I received an apple a13 Bayonne, the smartphone still does not work as fast as the same iphone 11 is farther jerky, agree surprisingly to hear ios and brakes in one sentence, but this happens well.

I don’t know, maybe 3 gigabytes of RAM is to blame Russia 2002 which is not enough for normal operation the new API diet and from the built-in battery up to 1821 milliamperes an hour is, in principle, not enough for anything at all, the battery is really small with active use, so with the correspondence of my music social Komi smartphone is hardly even enough for half a day you are a very gambling man you cannot decide what to bet on red or on a white verse I want to say take both bottles for whom the minibar goes quickly in the kitchen.