Introduction of DO NOT BUY POCO X3 PRO

DO NOT BUY POCO X3 PRO.Hello, but the weight is 215 grams, so while the gym is closed, you can calmly shake his hands and he does not burn this phone in any way if you do not hold it, it will fall it will hurt prusik your face he is trained with salads for sure nothing will happen to him, but the most x3 p Ro will most likely calmly survive a slight fall because let the back play on his plastic, well, the screen is already covered with a bulletproof vest in the form of glass corning gorilla voice 6 to everything else, the Chinese carefully put a cover in the kit and even a film on the screen on glue, you will know again and again I am convinced that this is this concern.

It is inherent not only in the material well, and to the Chinese picker, nevertheless, I think that this smartphone is not worth giving to divers, but that there is only protection and 53 and even if the ass x3 looks like one can say to an amateur, but this design cannot be called boring, but all because of the glossy stripes and a large inscription on the shelf, because it is thanks to this element that the smartphone stands out among other devices, nevertheless, you know by and large this is a clean copy of the shelf x3 and there were even cameras here in the same way.

And the arrangement of the controls themselves on these smartphones is also identical to the left one to tear in the office Xiaomi still do not like it, and once again all the controls were taken out on the p Because of this, by the way, the volume control is a bit too high and it’s not very convenient to adjust the sound, okay it’s me, I’m telling the children to reach a huge one, but if a student under what should he do, how can he watch a tick-tock with sound, but here the power key and our fingerprint scanner is easy to grope thanks to the notch in the rank and by the way the sensor.

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Minijack yes friends yes this connector

Itself is triggered, but just lightning fast I only light up faster than it only the light comes on in the refrigerator when you opened the door and so from below we have a batch from a conversation for a moment and your very pleasant one a bonus in the form of a minijack yes friends yes this connector is less and less common in a smartphone you want to meet a smartphone as nice as I don’t know how to find a cell in a winter jacket if you want to expand the memory when you expand the memory.

Then you will have to give up the second number, but on the upper edge, only infrared is of interest port for controlling equipment and conversational dinar, which by the way acts as 2 multimedia so that the smartphone has some kind of but the style is clear, the haters will say that the quality is not a claim, but I will say that the normal is great, let’s arrange a musical one fell into a clearing place, please, come on, you won’t dancing to the beat I can’t look at yours these conventions girl asks you to give her Subang well.

You have it so happened that there is only enough money for a hamster, well, what is the problem? You gave a hamster and say that this is a new breed of mini pugs all conscience and she has enough conscience to listen to you to brew you with boiling water vermicelli say that this is her signature dish and while she will train it is not to blame for the rodent, you will see mine, you see, it doesn’t thank you, subscribe and so we will continue as for the display, then you know everything it is difficult on the one hand, on the one hand, he may not succumb to many, but on the other hand, he has a couple of significant advantages. no need to remove it neatly, so the cursor from the white cross.

Rendition is more natural

Look, yes, of course, the picture here is not so saturated, but the color rendition is more natural, and the maximum brightness is enough for the game to see everything in the sun, and the most important plus is of course the complete absence of she viewing angles here are also good well, of course, at very sharp angles, after all, black turns into such a gray so that from such tangible shortcomings, I think that you can distinguish well, except that the absence of you and everyone, of course, tried to cover this minus with the notification sensor that is hidden by the speaker grilles.

But it’s still me I think it’s not a full replacement, and by the way, the frequency of touch updates here is two hundred and forty g erz so you can play comfortably on your smartphone, so for good performance in games, you know, here you can thank the process, because x3 about this is one of the first smartphones in the world in general on snapdragon 800 60 sounds, of course, cool in general, only in essence is lucky this is just a slightly improved 855 plus and there are two innovations here: firstly.

The chip learned to work with screens of increased hertz and secondly, the ceiling of RAM here is already 16 gigabytes and not 12, but where is this RAM and what is also strange that in our version before 128 bits of this RAM, there are only six, there is also a version for 256 gigabytes of permanent memory, but even there they were generous only by 8 gigabytes of RAM in Russia, but you accidentally did not see the RAM here somewhere, I did not notice, but the drive-in both versions is already more new and fast this is the standard of you 3.1 processor paired with an Adreno 640 accelerator copes with its task. read it DO NOT BUY POCO X3 PRO.

There are drawdowns up to 55

I think that about worthy and in the same geek bench they get more than 2000 points, but the tests know this is such a game, yes, the game is already an indicator and with them, here is a smartphone, everything can be said that it’s good, well, the truth is not me, and so in asphalt 9 almost all the time 60 frames and only sometimes there are drawdowns up to 55 I can’t fall everything is about the same, but on the now popular day of tires impact at high settings below 40 frames, I did not get so that snapdragon 800 60 can be considered an excellent device for gamers if for example borrowed catalog and select a filter and gaming smartphones, then we will also see that.

This is also the best budget vai and even other Xiaomi devices will cost you more as the older ones on the snapdragon 800 55 chip, of course, is not as good as a couple of years ago, but stores do not want to lose profits, therefore, these smartphones are sold at old prices, nevertheless, if you choose a budget device for a tour, which is better to choose from in appearance because the processors of state employees are getting old; The faster and the newer the hardware, the better, and in order not to be mistaken, just install the filter and smartphones of 2021, and then the catalog will show you only the newest services until the same will help you quickly decide thanks to the compare function and reviews of real users.

By the way, link to the catalog will be in the description of the article and you know despite this liquid cooling system x3 declared by the developers about the guy is rather hot-tempered, it is not clear what kind of kick or there will be no goods, but after the next update he began to warm up above a comfortable level, especially hot near the block of cards and you know after half an hour of the game to hold the smartphone here for the upper bound still not hi respected Chinese information please come up with some kind of antipyretic for your patient I don’t know.

Productivity of the smartphone worsened

If summer is already ahead of him, and by the way, he earned in everyday tasks, I think that the smartphone also needs to be scolded a little for use time pro the productivity of the smartphone worsened, in particular, an example began to slow down google fit, but so to bring the smartphone to a complete freeze altogether, I got it literally there a couple of times, in fact, of course, we can say that nothing critical, but I know that the power of the miss at the tip was to enter, but where is the spider x3 about absolutely not about so.

It is, of course, the quality of the sue, there are good points, but if you are looking at buying this smartphone, be sure to watch the video further, because this is what I will tell you more, it is very important to know firstly, compared to the usual x3, the resolution of the cameras dropped and the place with 64 and 13 megapixels, we got, respectively, the main module for forty 8 megapixels and width for 8 buttocks, and even with good lighting, the pictures turn out to be rather bland and lifeless sushi prusik, well.

It’s your own fault, you yourself will be recorded in the circle of the young ma. Yes, I, too, do not save situations from a complex fistula, by the way, the detailing is also of the temple, and for example, here is the same foliage, when approaching, it looks more like I think on the canvas of Russia, I wonder if the canvas was photographed, I went back to the forest to turn it from an ultra shriek in general, I do not advise you to bring the pictures closer because that in general, everything gets lost in a thick one and we also look as if it wasn’t you to take a picture, I sent a photo of the forest made by the farthest satellite. comment it DO NOT BUY POCO X3 PRO.