Can 5G radiations cause more deaths than corona? Latest Update


5G radiations are a hot topic right now. There are many debates on the safety of these high-frequency waves and how they can affect the human body. 5G radiations are the strongest form of electromagnetic radiations from mobile networks. They can be found in Wi-Fi, microwaves, and even some light bulbs. With 5G technology coming to major cities all over the world, many people are worried about the effects that these waves will have on human health. We will explore all potential implications of 5G radiation, from infertility to cancer & death in this article.

5G mobile signals work on the millimeter-wave band which enters the microwave spectrum also as shown in the diagram. We all know how dangerous microwave radiation can be for the human body. It is the same radiation that is used to cook food in microwave ovens in households. The difference is only the high power & energy of the wave radiations in the oven.

5G radiations can cause infertility?

Many scientists believe that mobile phone radiations are invisible forms of pollution that are very dangerous to human reproductive organs. 5G being the strongest form of electromagnetic radiation can have a more fatal impact on the health of tests and quality of sperm in men.

This damage can be more for men who keep their phone on the front pocket and on the lower half of the body directly exposing the tests to the 5G radiations.

In fact, 5G radiations can severely harm women who are trying to conceive. The effects of long-term exposure and the proximity of the electromagnetic field of this radiation are very well known for affecting the growth of the baby inside the mother’s womb.

5G radiations can cause cancer?

The 5th generation of the wireless network, known as 5G is still in its initial stage and no one is absolutely sure, how dangerously it will affect people. But The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified mobile phone use as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

This classification means that we cannot rule out a link between cancer and cell phone use.

At present, there are no conclusive studies that confirm the detrimental effects of 5G radiations on the human body.

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5G radiations cause severe headache?

How many times have you felt the heat on your ears from mobile devices, when you are having a long conversation with someone? it is the heat associated with these radiations that can be felt by a common man.

Now, mobile companies also issue guidelines to use earphones or Bluetooth devices while talking on the phone. Because they know the harmful effects of mobile radiations.

Electromagnetic hypersensitive persons can have more serious problems with 5G radiations causing severe headaches to migraines.


Coronavirus is a lethal virus that has spread rapidly across the world. Few believe that It originated from an experiment done by scientists in the Wuhan lab in China. People who are infected with it can die within hours of contracting the virus. More than 3.8 million people have died all around the world because of this deadly experiment.

But, the introduction of 5G to the broader world will be remembered as one of humanity’s largest and most expansive experiments in history. Millions of people are and will continue to be exposed to high-frequency transmissions from 5G towers.

Can these 5G radiations cause death? There is no conclusive study to prove it. But, the detrimental effect of these radiations is yet to be seen by the world.