Bought Old Redmi Note 4X in 2021

Bought Old Redmi Note 4X in 2021
Bought Old Redmi Note 4X in 2021

Introduction of Bought Old Redmi Note 4X in 2021

I Bought Old Redmi Note 4X in 2021. it drags in games and how suitable it is for 2021 now  although it’s amazing like rushed, I certainly understand that it’s strange to talk about the price of a smartphone that has long been discontinued, but nevertheless, it can still be found in stores, moreover, with a price tag of 100 bucks, yes, I agree that for that kind of money you can find, for example, something like skinning, but you know.

I’m not sure that these smartphones will directly greatly exceed 04, so for these $ 100 you will get the smartphone itself is a power supply clip for the tray there are different pieces of paper there is a protective film and a micro usb cable yes friends and this smartphone came out in those days when such a connector was considered a common thing, this is now its ultimate ultra-budgetary ah you can no longer find it, but the smartphone charges files so that.

I think that all the rules, besides, you know cleverly 4x there is one very interesting feature to which you rarely find a modern smartphone now, so let’s talk about them now and now many middle peasants or even flagships are produced with glass back covers and in-state employees plastic is still used in the 2017 year, the fashion was different and therefore many new models were released that were popular with a metal back and redmi note 4 x was also made according to the trends of that time, having received a more practical metal case that is hard to break, unlike by.

communication are hidden

The way from your heart, and somehow you are in your hand you know, metal feels like it is more expensive yet you know metal is not everywhere here, and here, above and below, there are such plastic inserts under which these antennas for communication are hidden on the back panel, there is also a fingerprint scanner, but above it, they put the main one, as though one here is where now such a meeting of the spa stumbles these cameras 4 pieces each, half of which are generally useless, the automaker is bragging to each other who have more.

But the front panel has already been closed with a protective glass that covers the screen by 5 5 inches with an aspect ratio of 16 to 9, and now I want to say that by the standards of 2021 such a screen can be considered to squeeze the frames, these are such huge marks above and below, but for the elements everything is standard, so there is a speaker on top, LED indicator, proximity and lighting sensor, and at the bottom, only the touch button of the navigation panel, and I want to say right away that after the full-screen gesture I will use it.

But the buttons volume control and lock already on its the usual place on the right so that you didn’t have to get used to them on the opposite side there is a combined tray in which you can put 2 sim cards, while one of them must be of a modern type on to the author’s microwell, or, for example, places on can be installed here micro sd true then you will have to look for an adapter with a moment, or look for this old SIM card of a suitable size, well, or take a phone for your parents, and the parents below have old SIM cards by default. read it and like it Bought Old Redmi Note 4X in 2021.

headphone jack, a microphone

This means correctly, and on top of the smartphone, a headphone jack, a microphone, an infrared port for control, the technique is clear, but from the bottom,, it is already micro USB on the sides of which are located symmetrically and such round holes just under them the engineers were able to hide in the microphone and the external speaker sounds a smartphone, we can say that it’s so-so, but you didn’t miss the call with it and you know, by the end, I can say that the smartphone feels like.

It’s quite compact, especially when compared with modern 6-inch shovels, all live huge frames that occupy exactly a useful space on the front panel, but still reminds me of it, but at age the smartphone is otherwise, but 4x looks even very decent, especially taken into account, and so okay, let’s go back to the review of this smartphone and you know, here’s the fingerprint scanner, most likely I can say that it made me happy because here it works quite quickly, and most importantly, exactly according to the location, of course, everything is not so unambiguously placed on the back of the tag scanner, and for many,, this option will not be convenient, especially.

If we now we will start comparing 4x with the words of a smartphone in which the fingerprint scanner is combined with the power button, but the smartphone does not know how to recognize the face, but at the same time there are password and pin codes drawings everything else well, as they say, the main thing so that the phone does not recognize but the mother or does not say but as for the display, here I am even I was slightly surprised because you are waiting for such an old and budget device much less well, as they say, the old smartphone does not spoil the furrow.

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Bright and colorful AMOLED

But the display here is 5 5 inches, while with the standard they are with an extended full hd resolution and I can say that there are enough pixels here for the picture to be clear and without a servo, the truth here is not a bright and colorful AMOLED, but calmly for myself carpets in terms of brightness, so I have no complaints about it, but if you look at the screen from a very acute angle, you can certainly see how the contrast drops, but all this is within normal limits and by and large.

The screen can be called good and yet in the bright sun you can see a mesh with although the camera is not caught, in bright light and very clearly by it, but what is not here is a high refresh rate, although you know, let’s still not we will write this down, because, at the time of the release of this smartphone, even the flagships in these and modern budget could not boast of this tiny smartphones do not always get a quick screen, let’s go to their example and choose a smartphone from the catalog with three screens and then sort them by price.

Snapdragon 460 processor

The cheapest thing we can get is an op-pa a53s price tag 150 besides where it will usually be a hd screen a snapdragon 460 processor and a 13-megapixel camera, so from a smartphone for $ 100, all the more four years ago, I think it’s pretty strange to demand something more than usual and without, but if, for example, choose smartphones, you have a limited budget, then you won’t have to dream of a catalog buy just because it is here that there is a convenient and unique filter by which you can select the desired device by characteristics and even price.

And the comparison function and user reviews will also help you quickly decide on the purchase, by the way, the link to the catalog will be in the description of this video and here so you and I are gradually picking up the most important thing, namely the performance of this smartphone and now you will find out, in principle, whether it is possible to use this smartphone in 2021, and I want to tell you the questions that it is rather ambiguous, at least because I now have in my hands a rather rare version of this smartphone with a 10-core helio x20 and there are smartphones on the market with snapdragon 625, well.

I have my smartphone on my processor, then, to be honest, you know in four years it still managed to become morally obsolete and as a result, even the most ordinary applications become a serious test for him, well, of course, not from the category there die love but it’s not easy for him, and the interface cannot be said that it flies straight, nevertheless, you know in general, in general, the work of the smartphone can be called even normal and the application, of course, although it starts slowly, you at least work moreover.

I was even able to put call of duty mobs and even friends to play are right, of course, with brakes at low settings, well, everything is so that the processor, albeit old, but still copes with its By the way, by the way, these words can be applied not only to this device but also to the river Mircea Lucescu, although you know, in principle, to test modern games on 0 4 X, I think that this is quite strato ii, you will agree that such a smartphone is clearly no one will buy for games and there every little thing like the same clash of clans so.

She will teach me to run the only thing that is really so frustrating is the fact that the smartphone is working on the ancient android 6.0 with the proprietary shell mini 10.2 and the problem is that you don’t have any new firmware over the air shines so that it will be possible to update only if you get confused well and roll or a fresh firmware yourself, and to be honest, 6 androids can already be considered obsolete because with some applications there are already problems, for example.

The same lungs, being afraid so generally refused to install on it, but antutu is installed but true freezes during the test, but by the way, but 4x is released in a bunch of variations on the amount of memory and now I personally have this smartphone this is a top-end set of four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal memory, I want to say that this is quite normal even for a modern budget smartphone. COMMENT IT Bought Old Redmi Note 4X in 2021.