Best Phone Top 10 Budget Smartphones of 2021

Best Phone Top 10 Budget Smartphones of 2021
Best Phone Top 10 Budget Smartphones of 2021

Introduction of Best Phone Top 10 Budget Smartphones of 2021

Best Phone Top 10 Budget Smartphones of 2021. it is amazing like rushed but for a start, I will remind you that if you want to work with comfort and finally make a gift for your back, then contact the guys from the Kulik system for a new chair or an adjustable table, the link will be in the description under the video and we will start our tops opa 15 and let it be released of course its back at the end of 2020, but to be honest, it is still relevant and now e they are sold at a very favorable price.

But let’s talk about everything in order, so oops and 15 got a plastic case with a glossy finish, and of course, the smartphone looks good, but it easily collects prints and minor scratches, so of course, after buying it, it is better to immediately hide it in a case of which, fortunately, this cover is also included in the complete set and evens out the inferior module and as many as three cameras, but of course, only 13-megapixel main sex can be called really useful among them.

It’s not that he gave out some very cool ones with her and but for photos of food and cats, I think it will do, but the front of the smartphone is occupied by an LCD with hd + resolution and a drop-shaped notch for a front camera of 5 megapixels and, of course, the resolution here is small, but the screen can be called good, and even considering the cost of $ 100, I was surprised myself even Franklin banknotes also looks surprised that such beauty can be bought for just one piece of paper go to the system of doctors in the super-budget helio p35 with power VR graphics and such a combination is perfect for everyday tasks but not for games, although I think everyone understands it Best Phone Top 10 Budget Smartphones of 2021.

Biggest disadvantage of this smartphone

If you take a smartphone for 100 bucks, then the games are sorry, but it’s over, so if you are on your state employee still want to play, be sure to look further because I have a couple of excellent options for you, nevertheless, the biggest disadvantage of this smartphone is, of course, because the a15 comes with two or three gigabytes of RAM and only 32 gigabytes of storage, but still with an additional 10 dollars you can easily expand the memory of this smartphone with the help of micro beaten that the eternal problem is not so big.

But friends in opa and 15 have modern Bluetooth 5 0 GPS and a battery for four thousand two hundred thirty miles and again hours with which the device will definitely live the whole day almost like the moth from the Milazzo song and now this whole set can be found for $ 100 so h then even if about 15 have drawbacks, I think that for such a price they can be forgiven, but you know you don’t even have to forgive the next smartphone because the realme c3 is essentially an improved version of the previous smartphone and even a kind of center can be called an older one brother.

And 15, after all, they seem to have relatives in common, and for example, looking at the front panel of these smartphones, you can even often confuse and the characteristics of the displays are also the same, but still, of course, one difference in the panel is that the realm c3 boasts more durable tempered glass corning gorilla glass and the whole realm got a plastic case, we already have a rough coating and due to it the smartphone is better held in the hand for a day, and different scratches or fingerprints on the c3 will be noticeable much less, believe me, the state employees need fate.

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RAM, which is 2 3 or 4 gigabytes

I didn’t really lie, I will remind you that I have a percentage of phones installed under the hood of the device an essor branch g70 for 8 cores and with a maximum clock frequency of 2 gigahertz, in other words, this smartphone pulls many toys, but of course not to maximal, but it helps it with this RAM, which is 2 3 or 4 gigabytes, while the device has two options mine 32 or 64 gigabytes, if suddenly this is not enough for you, then you can expand it with an sd card, besides in a smartphone, and a separate slot for two sim and micro sd as for cameras.

There are four of them in front there is a 5-megapixel front camera, but they put three in the back modules for 2 2 and 2 megapixels and actually they are nothing bad and you can’t say how for your price with this photo, then it’s not normal, as you know, how if instead of a professional wedding photographer you called your grandfather something you’re hardly friends and then showed in shrinkage well, you understood when his evil, but the battery of his smartphone will definitely please because.

It is here for 5000 milliampere Evil users will still be able to survive from the battery for one and a half to two days, for sure everyone lives fast charging was not brought here, so a 10-watt power supply will charge your smartphone for about a second for about three hours, pretty sad hiding, you still know the main disadvantage the budget employee from real me is still an absence, we are all, and if not everything is very important for you, then look at us for sure our next smartphone from the company is real, or more precisely.

Excellent characteristics and 1 plus of a smartphone

We will talk about zd9 c nfc, which is now selling well all over the world and that’s all because that now this is one of the most balanced state employees who are cheap and at the same time offers excellent characteristics and 1 plus of a smartphone can be calculated already by the name yes there is an nfc module for contactless payments uh hold on white and Carlos and let everything be seen as it is often found but it very rarely can be found in state employees because you already understand.

When it comes to saving that manufacturer, in general, you everything that can climb and the detachment of medieval prices all this is more such a pleasant exception to the rules, nevertheless, in terms of materials, a surprise, sorry, but it did not work out and all this hardware was hidden just in a plastic case, the music is good and thanks for that, and actually with the display too here it is not old to be smart and here we already have a familiar and without a matrix with hd + resolution with his wife.

What protection Xiaomi does not say so the smartphone is still better to use you with a film for example or with a glass the rhythm of 9 works all on an eight-core Helio g35 chip with video with measles power VR and let it be a budgetary process itself, it can cope with most tasks without any problems, and as a bonus, it is not yet gluttonous, so I think it saves battery power so that with a 5000 milliampere-hour battery, a smartphone can live with an average true load from early morning until late evening.comment it Best Phone Top 10 Budget Smartphones of 2021.

Example for undemanding photographers

But as for the photo and video opportunities, then for this in the readme girls all the EU There is a 13-megapixel main camera, a 2-megapixel macro module as well as a single 5-megapixel front camera, it is perfect for you to take pictures after when you make a contactless payment like people with more expensive phones, of course, shoot cameras so-so, but an example for undemanding photographers will do well if you need a camera phone for a little money.

Then be sure to watch this video to the end supplied readme is divided into everything from the memory of 32 or 64 gigabytes, so I advise you immediately in reserve by brothers for the older modification, and if this is not enough for you, then always you A micro sd slot will come to the rescue from a useful device in the device. It is also worth noting the presence of a fingerprint scanner and an IR port for controlling equipment, and the last thing I will tell you is that this is a very useful thing, especially.

When you are too lazy to look for a TV remote control, but as for prices, but judging by the catalog, now the phone is bundled with 64 gigs Abyte gives for $ 130, but the younger version of 32 gigabytes will cost you $ 100 16 and you will find out because the price of a smartphone has practically not changed the moment of its release, then I can say that the model is very popular and diverge like hotcakes and reading reviews of real users this handset you also understand why without among them there are almost no negative ones.

characteristics or look for their military

This means that the handset turned out to be really good, well, as for your money, but if this phone does not suit you, then with the help of a more detailed filter and catalog you will quickly find a suitable option for yourself, just mark the necessary characteristics or look for their military and choose from the proposed options, the link to the catalog will but oh well, stop talking the Chinese already, because Samsung makes a good phone and one of them is g 711, like all the previous heroes.

the device is also made of plastic, but it boasts a more modern design, but this is if modern design n is exactly what you are looking for in budget smartphones, for example, a smartphone has a TFT display already installed but without a drop of a prominent cutout and instead of that the gadget received a miniature hole in the left corner for the front camera, by the way, here at 8 megapixels it can shoot in 1080p just what you need for video calls and in general I think.

that after this phrase you need to rename this model, for example, you can take more, and from the features of the galaxy a, one of the processors can be distinguished because there is already a chip in their clothes and Qualcomm snapdragon 450 is, of course, an entry-level processor and wait from it’s not worth some space performance well, you can play popular toys and it works by the way a smartphone paired with two or three gigabytes of RAM, but there are two storage options for 32 and 64 gigabytes.

The galaxy an 11 is 13 megapixels

the main camera in the galaxy an 11 is 13 megapixels and you will find out with straight arms and subject to good lighting, you can do even good on it there are some pictures, which in fact can be said about the front camera, too, for everything Samsung was not greedy for the nfc module and even put a modern charging port like it here and through.

If you will not only quickly transfer files but also charge the battery for 4000 milliampere-hours at the same time, the gadget supports charging at 15 watts, which is pretty good for such a price, although the device itself lives for quite a long time, well, more precisely, for about a day and a half or two days, the galaxy 11 works on the proprietary Samsung shell one white if you do not like different shells settings like.