5G Routers: All Questions Answered About 5G Routers & Wi-Fi

5G Routers

5G Routers

A 5G is the 5th generation wireless technology that will allow you to get the fastest internet speeds and experience than anything you have seen before. This article answers all questions about 5G routers & Wi-Fi. what they are, how they work, and which one you should be getting for yourself!

What is a 5G router?

It is a router that can connect to the internet through the 5G mobile technology. People are often confused about the term 5G Routers with routers working on 5GHz frequency or 5G mobile technology. And the answer is that they are completely different & not related.

A router that offers connectivity through mobile networks will use an antenna to connect, and then it needs another device called a modem (Mobile Broadband) to translate the data from its network into something your phone, tablet, or any device which the required feature can understand.

What are the different types of 5G routers?

As mentioned earlier, it can be categorized into 2 types i.e. Routers working on 5GHz frequency and Routers with 5G mobile technology. let’s understand both of them.

Routers working on 5GHz frequency:

Most of the routers available in the market and in our households are dual-band routers that work on 2 frequencies i.e. 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. The main difference between the two of them is the speed and area of coverage

There is a thumb rule in radio wave propagation. with the increase in frequency, the speed increases but the range reduces and vice-versa.

Hence, the 2.4GHz signal has a lower speed (up to 150 Mbps) but provides a bigger area of coverage (100 mtr) while the 5GHz signal has a much higher speed (up to 1 Gbps) but sacrifices range (up to 50 meters).

See the graph:

5g routers 2
5G routers Range Comparison
5g routers 2
5G routersSpeed Comparison

Routers with 5G mobile technology:

5G Router is a most advanced cellular router that is designed to work on a frequency range of 25GHz & 39 GHz.

Since the frequency is so high, It has the capability to provide speeds up to 10 Gbps which can be throttled for data rates like 100Mbps, 500Mbps, or even less depending on the service provider and if you want your mobile devices battery life to last longer.

It is available in 61 countries & South Korea being the first country with active 5G services.

Benefits of WiFi 5G router

5G WiFi router has the newest type of technology with Internet service that promises to deliver even faster speeds. It uses a new frequency range, called millimeter waves, which makes it possible for devices to send and receive more data in less time.

The new bandwidth is also able to carry more information at once than previous generations, which allows you to download large files without any hiccups.

All of this together means that fifth-generation WiFi will provide an even better experience on your smartphone or tablet.

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Is 5G faster than Wi-Fi?

When we compared the cellular 5G and WiFi of smartphone users in 33 countries. We found that the 5G download speed is much faster than the WiFi.

This means that you could download a full HD movie in under two seconds! These new networks will be much better for gaming and streaming, as well as other applications such as self-driving cars and virtual reality.

Please see the graph below.

5g routers 4
5g routers Speed Comparison

How do I know if my router supports 5G?

As mentioned earlier, a 5G mobile network router is different than a wired router working on a 5GHz frequency.

Generally, the wifi signal from the wired optical fiber connection or 4G displays 2.4/5 GHz in the SSID name only.

Checking on your phone:

Using Realme Phone as an example

  1. Go to settings

    5g routers
    5g routers
  2. Click on WiFi. You will get a list of all the WiFi networks available.

    5g routers
    5g routers
  3. See the SSID. It shows 2.4GHz/ 5GHz

Now, let’s talk about the 5G mobile network Routers.

There are only 12 companies in the world working on 5G technology. The 12 top 5G companies leading the research are Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Ericsson, Qualcomm, ZTE, Orange, Verizon, AT&T, NEC Corporation, and Cisco.

But only a few companies have launched their 5G routers in the market. These are Huawei, ZTE, Net Gear, HTC, and Xiaomi

To find out if your router is a 5G router. Check the specifications of the router. For example, check out the HTC 5G HUB 5G router specification.

Do we have 5G routers now?

Yes, 5G routers are available in the countries with active 5G mobile networks. It works on a highly complicated world’s first adaptive array transceiver technology operating in the millimeter-wave Ka bands for cellular communications.

The new technology works on the very base of the 5G mobile communications system and the data transmission is several hundred times faster than the present 4G networks.

Best 5ghz wifi router price in India

Check out the list of the best 5GHz wifi routers available.


  • TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wireless Cable Router, 4 10/100 LAN + 10/100 WAN Ports, Support Guest Network and Parental Control, 750Mbps Speed Wi-Fi, 3 Antennas (Archer C20)

  • TP-Link Archer C6 Gigabit MU-MIMO Wireless Router, Dual-Band 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi Speed, 5 Gigabit Ports, 4 External Antennas and 1 Internal Antenna WiFi Coverage with Access Point Mode, Qualcomm Chipset

  • Tenda AC5 V3 AC1200 Wireless Dual Band WiFi Router, Speed Up to 867Mbps/5GHz + 300Mbps/2.4GHz, IPV6, Parental Control, Guest Network, 4 * 6dBi Externe Antennen (White, Not a Modem)

  • Linksys E5600 AC 1200 Dual-Band (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) MU-MIMO WiFi 5 Fast Router with Easy Browser Set up & Parental Controls (E5600)

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