200 Watt Smartphone Charger 100% in 8 minutes

200 Watt Smartphone Charger 100% in 8 minutes
200 Watt Smartphone Charger 100% in 8 minutes

Introduction of 200 Watt Smartphone Charger 100% in 8 minutes

200 Watt Smartphone Charger 100% in 8 minutes. the company released the Xperia Odin mark3 in china, you know, even though the Japanese smartphones are no longer so popular, the new super expensive to the laurel, I can say not bad so it started, and the marketplace chart proves it, and the Jedi in which Xperia took the tenth place in the top smartphones sold and of course, it may seem to you that the result is well, but I want to tell you what it is worth learning two factors well, firstly.

The smartphone was on the market for only a couple of days and already at the same time became on a par with such flagships as the apple Samsung one class, and secondly, according to sources, sony for the first time, in principle, was able to get into this Chinese rating so that this victory, after all, before that they did not fall only for a day, while it did not happen thanks to some state employee, because for Xperia Odin mark3 they ask from 1300 dollars. After all, such a whole even in the Japanese eyes became a little wider.

Well, the truth for this money is the user gets OLED- a display with 4k resolution, we have a refresh rate of 120 hertz, a powerful snapdragon 888 processor of the flagship type, and also a k-virus with Carl Zeiss optics, so c is not entirely justified and it is not surprising that many are interested in it, and those who do not have this money I about myself know-how you and in the meantime I decided to give users what they had dreamed of for a long time as well as 7 own and her a little later, in general, so Huawei has long been offering warranty service living for their smartphones.

but according to Chinese sources

Well, for a small fee, for example, it can replace components like a camera, batteries, a carousel, and so on, but according to Chinese sources, the company is going to go further and now launch a program to increase the built-in memory, here you are another victory of robots over people of our age memory it gets worse and they have a set, that is, you go to the service center of someone and choose the amount of memory that smartphones will supply you with all Chinese masters solder a new larger amount of memory to your board, moreover, not only new models will be accepted.

But also the old one starting from and you have 10 pro and new 5 pros and in fact, the only thing but is that you will not be able to put any drive on and you will still have to choose from the ones offered by Wayne itself, I mean volumes well, and most likely you will not be able to switch to a faster one, that is, go with f21 by 30 although who knows those Chinese maybe and maybe I don’t want to be listed to upset you, but your phone will not even be accepted into the pawnshop, the displays from the shards cemetery will not be accepted, well, if you did not sleep on the floor in the judge.

I did not step on it, and the most interesting thing is that such a procedure will be relatively cheap and the price tags will start somewhere. then from about 309 yuan, which is about 48 dollars, but it’s not that cheap, of course, but it’s still cheaper than you would buy a new smartphone with a lot of memory, but if, for the sake of experiment, we now look at the price differences between versions of smartphones with different drives then we will see that the gap is quite large, for example, let’s take Samsung galaxy a 50.

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128-gigabyte version on average

If for a 128-gigabyte version on average you ask for 329 dollars, then a 256-gigabyte bundle will cost three hundred ninety-eight dollars and don’t forget that I took it from a state employee, after all for the same for example iphone 12 bits and this one here at a price between different versions of memory and even more and by the way if you are now with If you are looking for a smartphone, then it is better to take immediately with a 128-gigabyte drive and 6 RAM, well, about support for nfc and fast and displays, and well, do not forget.

And in order not to run around the Internet, look for smartphones exactly on and the catalog with the help of a convenient filter you can quickly find the right group and thanks to the reviews of real users and the comparison function, he can also quickly decide on the choice, the link to the catalog will be in the description under the video, well, you know how I think so, this memory replacement is a pretty great idea, I hope so more companies can take it into service, it is destined to be cool, here you come to the service center.

I will give you not only, for example, can the memory of the boule Bilan send people the same more powerful processor of dreams, but finally she decided to fix the problem that she herself created, moreover, and take care of android users in general, so recently apple has released its long-awaited tags, which are will find lost and follow the important, and as a result, you know that how useful this thing is, just as it is dangerous, of course not as dangerous as the first Moldovan quadrocopter that works from an outlet and falls on the head without warning.

most honest intentions, for example

Here we are talking about another danger because a person with not with the most honest intentions, for example, you can throw this thing for you and monitor your movement, the influx will find out about it in at least 3 days when rt realizes that it is far from the owners and starts to freak out reminding you of sounds you know, I think that apple also understood that this is the case will not go and have reduced this time before the start of the alarm to everything apple will also release an android application.

That will allow you to detect the nearest tags and it is not up to the attackers to throw you a spy bug and I think this is a very correct step without now such a system is only for apple smartphones kind of the application is still in development and the release date of the apple do not call me the impression that for apple, in general, all the inhabitants of the earth are such secret agents who are constantly being spied on, they need to be protected, nevertheless.

The news of the apple company does not end there, because recently a letter from Steve Jobs got into the network to employees of companies in which a lot was revealed interesting facts of sushi Russia, he certainly can and that, yes, but unlike to describe he was able not only on fences and in entrances in general, now the apple company and epic games are squabbling in court over the removal of the ford night from the AppStore, which is why these are my mother’s sons girlfriends who have iPhones lately go sad not to everything the judge is now trying to understand whether.

the monopolization of the century

It is possible to blame the Cupertinians for the monopolization of the century, you see, you have created their own ecosystem and they themselves make money on it, which is why they judge from time to time calls an employee to the floor for interrogation but this is a woolly crossroads us, you know, I understood what kind of wife is also in the soul of the court, but what since 6 my correspondence and in the history of my browser it is generally better understood than google.

And in one old letter from journalists, they found a mention of unreleased Apple products, for example, that in 2007 the company was working on the creation of a 15-inch MacBook air, there are no special details about it but I think that this is just an enlarged copy of a regular MacBook and in another interesting gadget about which it is said in the correspondence it became an iPod super, it was planned to release it in 2008, while making it also $ 50 more expensive than the usual model, yes.

The apple company and cheaper are the same different words like Xiaomi and a samovar, although you know they are heated the same and apparently, this iPod supernova was supposed to become such an intermediate version between iPod nano and iPod shuffle in addition to everything at the same time apple discussed the new iPod shuffle and given that 2008 the line was not updated it seems that the aforementioned model was then decided to be postponed until 2009.read it 200 Watt Smartphone Charger 100% in 8 minutes.

would have a billboard for 100 watts

But everything between from does not like and on recently presented a truly revolutionary technology of fast charging because you just there you would have a billboard for 100 watts of this you definitely haven’t seen such a thing you haven’t seen a barbershop just want to refresh your hairstyle the stove but the master, instead of cutting the ends, found you on goals, well, of course not necessary it was for the master at the time of the haircut to show my reviews, no need not, as I am now such a forest husband home at any other place, please.

But not in the hairdresser, do not subscribe to heroes and so we will continue so if you think that I am exaggerating about charging, then look further after all we all really pushed us all like a grit into the future with this new technology, while the company even surpassed itself, for example, mi-10 ultra supported wireless 50 watts and wired charging up to 120, then me 11 ultras came out in which already the level of all wired and wireless charging until 67th and the next Xiaomi flagship will most likely surpass them all x because the Chinese introduced a new charging high queer charge of 200 watts at 200 watts music at 200.comment it 200 Watt Smartphone Charger 100% in 8 minutes.