20 Amazing Tricks For REALME UI 2.0

20 Amazing Tricks For REALME UI 2.0
20 Amazing Tricks For REALME UI 2.0


Introduction of 20 Amazing Tricks For REALME UI 2.0

20 Amazing Tricks For REALME UI 2.0. All brands that use Android have their own customization layers where each one of them offers us some additional functions or even some design optimization or something that makes them more attractive and recently there is a brand that has positioned itself very well in the market. company is blonde in it we can find a wide variety of phones where the priority is to offer us the quality-price that is why you will know 20 tricks for rial nihil 2.0 so that you can exploit.

It to the fullest and not go if your phone still has noise or 1.0 in a very short time it will likely be updated with all the improvements or even many of those that we mention throughout this article may already be available on your mobile terminal and it is that they would have put a function that allows us to increase the fluidity of our mobile phones for this we will simply go to settings and then we will go to the build section thousand apps this is where n We will find you with this function.

It will be enough to activate it so that it gives us a feeling of Madrid is in the general navigation of the phone and also when opening and closing certain applications these functions normally we had to do them manually in the developer options but real milo adapted to have it simply and easily in the mobile terminal within this same section we will also find a function called sleep capsule the main intention of this function is that we can sleep peacefully without using the mobile phone for.

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a limited number of applications

This is that we can only choose a limited number of applications that we can use in the event of an emergency and we will also determine at what time we want to sleep efficiently in this way and we will give you a little temptation to use the phone and cause us problems to be able to sleep also a grammy from the first brands to implement the increase in RAM through internal storage for this all we have to do is go to settings then we will go about our phone and.

We will go in the information of our RAM but it will allow us to increase one or two or three gigabytes depending on the phone mobile because there will be some high-end depending on the version and how much ram you have from the factory in the version you bought you can even increase up to 7 gb this virtual ram will only be used when necessary when we really need it because obviously, it will be much slower than the traditional ram obviously the speeds of ufc 3.1 ufc 2.1 are not going to be the same yet.

However, there will be precise cases where it can help us a lot to speed up some tasks in particular likewise the off and on the button does not necessarily have to be only for that and is that there is a configuration that allows us to take even more advantage of this button for it or we will go to the settings section and then we will go to coexistence tools in this way we can activate a function that will allow us to use the phone to force a restart if the phone crashes it will call the google assistant in the In case we need.

the section then in additional settings

It or even perform simple tasks such as turning off or blocking the mobile device when necessary, also if you want your mobile phone not to bother you for a certain time and you even want to save battery you can program it on and off automatically To do this, we will simply go to the settings section then in additional settings and this is where we will find this function that will allow us to configure a specific time for the phone to turn off and for the phone to turn on and in this way because.

We do not we are disturbed during certain hours in particular in addition to saving battery as well Factory mo allows us to clone some specific applications for this we will simply go to settings then to the application administration and this is where we will find this function we will only have a limited number of applications but if you want to increase this number just Vettel to port and download the application isolate simply through it the work mode will be activated which will allow you to duplicate any application.

That you have previously installed on your mobile phone, on the other hand, the battery is a very important section and that has focused on much real importance and Therefore, it is that an advanced battery panel has been created for us, I think we have to do is go to the settings section, then battery and then more battery settings, here we find different functions, including the performance module that will allow us to consume more battery in the mobile phone making it improve so much.

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some applications in particular

What we can grant our processor as in the RAM that we have in our mobile terminal we can also freeze some applications in particular so that they are not consuming resources in the background since many of them we do not use them but we are receiving notifications and notifications and they simply consume battery as well There will be another function that will allow the phone to automatically learn our charging routine. It is detecting that what we do in the morning 100% only at this moment is when.

It will charge you a hundred and all those intermediate charges because it will only leave it in a 99 98 in a safer section so as not to damage the battery and that it lasts the lifetime of the scope yourself they offered us In all kinds of additional functions and whatever you can think of, you will be able to do it through the river a mile and 2.0 for this we will go to settings and then we will go to coexistence tools and here we find a large catalog of functions that.

We will not be able to choose how to take the excursions the screenshots so that through different gestures or through different ways we can take listen, the same thing happens with the screen recording we can configure all the parameters to choose the resolution with which microphone to record what audio we can configure everything we can also activate a support wait which will help us to do different actions through our mobile phone in a simpler way, in particular, a particular button is damaged also.

also, incorporate some applications

We can activate a sidebar where we can configure what actions we want them to be included in it, we can also incorporate some applications s so that we have them at hand quickly and easily, finally we can also configure the divided screen to which it will allow us to have two applications open at the same time and configure how we want it to be displayed and there will also be some users who are still used to using the traditional navigation buttons or some already want to use gestures, therefore, this is fully configurable.

It will be enough to search for the word gestures within the settings and here we will have to choose which of the two forms is It makes us more comfortable as well as you can put passwords in all the applications that you want to do so, you will simply see settings and then to the privacy section and this is where you will find this function where you can select which applications you want to have a password and you can configure from the facial knowledge a pin pattern .comment it 20 Amazing Tricks For REALME UI 2.0..