11 Reasons Not To Buy A 5G Smartphone Now: Top Industry Experts

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5G is a buzzword that you have been hearing about for the past few years. So, what is it? 5G stands for fifth-generation wireless and it promises to provide Ultra-Fast Download Speeds, faster than 4G or 3G networks.

Most people would tell you that it’s better to buy a 5G smartphone and be future-ready. So, when the service becomes available, then there won’t be any surprises when carriers are ready to offer their own versions.

Before you get too worked up about getting an upgrade- let’s talk about why this might not be a good idea. Here are some of the reasons that top influential tech experts and bloggers believe, why they would not buy a 5G phone in India right now.

The Govt. Has Not Even Auctioned The 5G Spectrum

The signals are carried on airwaves that need to be transmitted at given frequencies in order for them to not interfere with other networks and devices around us, which can interrupt calls or cause data transmission problems.

The mobile networks currently available in India only have bandwidths of 800, 900, 1800, 1900 & 2300MHz which works well for 2G, 3G & 4G. But 5G supports two different frequency bands, where one works at sub-6 GHz and the other is a high-frequency millimetre wave that requires 100Ghz or more.

The Indian government has not yet done a 5G spectrum auction and we are still waiting for a formal announcement from them on this move. The latest rumours suggest that the Ministry of Communication might be planning to hold an auction in mid-2021.

We Do Not Have 5G Mobile Network Yet in The Country

5G is the next big thing, and it will be integrated into most smartphones by the end of 2021. We’ve already started seeing affordable 5G-enabled phones in India this year. While these low-cost options are tempting for buyers who want to stay future-ready, they may not have access to all of a phone’s features, if the country doesn’t offer 5G connectivity. By the time, the services roll out, the 5G feature is useless, for which you are investing your money by compromising on the specifications. For the same amount, you can choose a high end 4G phone. 

There Are Limited Options Of 5G-Ready Smartphones

As mentioned earlier, the govt. has not even allocated the 5G spectrum for telecom companies. And the mobile companies have already launched their mobile phones with 5G features. The companies that brought 5G phones in the market are doing so just to stay ahead in the 5G race.

But, imagine if the device is not configured for the frequency or the spectrum allocated to the telecom industry. Moreover, there are limited options of 5G-Ready Smartphones in the market and almost no competition with a high price.

The Chinese smartphone makers like Realme X50 Pro and iQOO 3 are priced over Rs 40,000 for the 5G variant. OnePlus 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and 6.1-inch display iPhone 12 series (iPhone 12iPhone 12 miniiPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max) all have been announced at prices above Rs 50k which is not very affordable for everyone in India.

Very Limited Reviews of Customers Using 5G SmartPhones

Since there are few 5G supported phones in the market and people are also very sceptical about these phones. That is one of the reasons you are also reading this blog. According to the Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the country saw over three million shipments of 5G smartphones in 2020, out of a total of 150 million units.

The 5G users in India cannot give a proper review because they are not using high-frequency millimetre wave of the 5G signal. So, the issues cannot float on the surface until 5G spectrum rolls out.

There Is Always Unpredicted Issues To Be Fixed

Whenever there is any new technology or service rolled out, there are always some glitches to be fixed. Be it the mobile device or 5G service of the mobile companies. Because of these unexpected issues only, the 5G service which was expected to be launched in mid-2020 is still not active yet.

You will not regret if you wait for them to settle the issues. With the technology evolving at a rapid pace, you will have a lot more competition between mobile companies. And you will find a better performing mobile phone with a lot of new features & improved efficiency at almost the same price.

No Updates On Battery Life or Heat Dissipation With 5G Phones

All the top-notch 5G supported phones like Moto Z3, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and LG V50 seemed to drain the batteries in just 4-6 hours of full-throttle testing in the United States. Moreover, the phone heats up significantly when using this high-frequency millimetre 5G signal.

This is the performance of premium 5G phones in the market. So, you can imagine how the budget phones are going to perform.  Qualcomm is trying to deal with the high power consumption with a more powerful, energy-efficient Snapdragon X55 chip. That’s why it’s better to wait for a little and let the technology evolve for better performance.

Present 5G Compatible Smartphone Will Get Outdated In Next Few Months

Technology is changing faster than ever before. The 5G phones in the market have plenty of issues to be fixed and evolve for better performance. There is no 5G network in the country but is expected to roll out by the year-end if everything goes as per plan.

The moment 5G services are launched, the market will be flooded with 5G phones in all segments. Be it the budget or high-end premium device. There will be a lot of competition, a lot more reviews and a better chance for you to get the best deal for your investment. The present 5G phones will get outdated by that time. Here is all you need to know everything about Airtel and Jio 5G Launch Date Plans and Expected Speed in India.

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Low Cost 5G Budget Smartphones compromise on Configuration

A cheap 5G phone will not have the same features as a good 4G one. It will have a less powerful processor, smaller battery and even a lower quality camera. Because it’s providing you the 5G tech hardware, so it compromises other features.

But with all the hype created around the 5G, If you are determined to buy a 5G phone, you should buy either a mid-range or an expensive one instead. So, you get all the latest specs and don’t need to worry about your device becoming useless in few months.

Wait for the prices and the plans to unfold

As mentioned earlier, the 5G spectrum has not yet auctioned. The companies have been preparing and testing their devices and technology to be ready once the govt. gives a green signal. 5G is a very high-end technology that requires a lot of investment for research and devices.

Reliance has raised Rs 2,12,809 crore which includes Google investment of 33,737 crores. With so much fund involved, it would be a wise decision to wait for the prices & the plans to unfold. You can decide if you really need this speed and bear the cost of it. I believe not everyone in the country needs 5G speed.

Full coverage of 5G network takes time

It is only recently that it was announced that 5G will be arriving in India, and with this new technology, we’ll have to wait a long time before even getting the first taste of what’s coming. Even after its launch in India, the rollout itself could take several years because each region would need plenty of infrastructure investments to build the massive network capacity which can take some time.

Remember when Airtel launched 4G services in 2012? The network availability took longer than expected. In certain villages, users still don’t have any connectivity with our current mobile network providers. People are waiting patiently anticipating their turn at experiencing high-speed internet on their devices just like us city folks do now today.

Lack of clarity on security concerns.

In the next few years, 5G is going to be the backbone of many IT services. With the concept like the Internet of Things evolving, almost all the devices are going to be connected and remotely controlled based on 5G signals. So, the security of these high-tech devices, data and the complete 5G infrastructure is the major concern for all governments and smartphone makers.

With so many cyber-attacks worldwide in recent days, it has become a challenge that should be dealt with seriously otherwise 5G will do more harm than any good for the country.


These are all the genuine concerns and reasons, top influential tech experts and bloggers advise you to consider before purchasing your first 5G phone. Here is all you need to know everything about Airtel and Jio 5G Launch Date Plans and Expected Speed in India. It’s better to wait and watch than to jump on this uncharted territory Please do let us know your opinion on this topic in the comment section.

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